Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Got my Verve Back!

Yesterday I went to my favorite chiropractor.  She's expecting and baby and in the conversation, I asked if I could make a baby quilt for her.  I need to hurry as the baby is due May 1st and she won't be working too much longer.

When I asked about colors, she suggested bright pink and lime green.  Well--I am a little short of each.  So I decided to make a quick trip to a sort of local quilt store.

Hubby said to me, "It's good to have Patti back.  You are your old self again!" 

It's amazing what a little bit of inspiration can do.

The trip to the store wasn't as fruitful as I'd hoped, but I found a few fat quarters I can use.  The new lime isn't quite the lime that I was hoping for, so I dug through some older projects and I think I can pull this off. 

I want "modern".

This is my design wall from some previous scraps.

This will be fun and although I've got a few things planned today, I think I can work on some ideas for this!
Yesterday I pulled the rest of my scraps from black and white into a little quilt.  I think I'll probably send this to Project Linus if my DIL doesn't want it.  I think if she thinks about it, she will realize that granddaughter doesn't need a new quilt.  We'll see, but anyhow it's sewn together for PL and if granddaughter will get it, I have one border ready.  I'm so glad to have most of my black and white used into quilts.  I love, black and white polka dot for girl quilts, and I love having black and white checks, but other than that, I don't see myself buying much black and white again.  It just isn't "me."

The other black and white, DIL wants for a gift, I think.  Haven't heard back yet, but if not it will go for donation--or maybe I'll keep it back for a what if gift...as they do come sometimes.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Rant for the Day!

As I was binding a quilt yesterday, I found a tuck in the backing.  Darn.  Sometimes the fabric moves I swear!  I had it pinned, partially spray basted and still the tuck.  I somehow missed it, or I didn't even look at the back while I was quilting.

All my issues of what the computer has done to quilting came to a head!

I'm not a damned computer!

My quilting isn't measured, perfected or what has become "SHOW" quality.  My quilting is mostly for kids!  Kids don't notice.  Kids get a favorite quilt and they usually stick to that quilt.  Even when it gets worn.  But the quilts need to be inspected by adults before they even get to the kids!  Adults have values of how things should look and computerized quilting has even skewed that!  It's not that I don't love a beautiful quilt.  But, what have all these quilt shows done to quilting?  Has the bar been set so high by a computer that we have lost a sense of comfort from our quilts and our process?  I've wondered about that a lot!

So what are we as adults so concerned about?

My quilting is WONKY and I love it--but yesterday the love left.

Here is my two recent quilts.  Both from crumbs and both so totally different!
The green one, I sewed four blocks together to make a 12 inch block.
The yellow one I alternated the plain gold fabric with the crumbs.
The back of the gold one.

I can tack the tuck down and probably it won't be seen.  My rebellious side is coming out and I'll probably leave it as is and adopt this quilt.  I love the colors and I'll either keep it on the banister in the living room or put it in the car as a car quilt.

For now, I'm taking a rest from quilting.  I've again become possessed with the number of quilts getting to a completion stage; reducing my stash and just pushing myself.

I need more play time and I'm going to take it.  I've started a bundle of fabric I don't love anymore and will take it to the second hand store.  No shipping fees that way.  :-)  I'm not going to worry if I die with too much fabric!  My kids can just take what's left to the second hand store!

I'm going to quit worrying about kids across the ocean and start taking care of myself.

...wonder how long this rant will last!  :-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Some Days Seem Long

Hubby is on pain killers and sleeping a lot.  So--when he sleeps, I SEW!

I pulled out a backing and a top and was going to sandwich them, but the back just looked like it would make a top.  I decided to just quilt to enjoy the process and not hurry the result.  I did quite a bit of Organic quilting.  I tried using the ruler and I tried without.  I liked it better without.  No matter, my lines are not perfectly straight--they're organic.  This little quilt will be for Quilts Beyond Borders.

A close up of some of the quilting:

I quilted this little quilt that will go to Wrap A Smile.  The top was sent by another Sunshine member.
The backing was flannel waiting.  I'd tried to purchase more of it, but it seems to be discontinued, and all I had was a small piece, but just perfect for this quilt that is 38" by 38".

My quilter brought a quilt by yesterday and I got it bound.  I put it together last summer while making lots of HST's from scraps.  It is a bright spot for a friend.
Now if you'll excuse me, hubby is nodding off, I think I'll go make some blocks!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Quilts Beyond Border Little Quilt

I received the cute little charm pack in this little print and one black one.  I thought it would make a cute donation quilt.  I needed one in red and green for the Quilts Beyond Borders Initiative. Sharon at  http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.com/  sent me the charms and they are now in a quilt that will be sent to a Syrian orphanage.  I'm sure the little person will be looking at all the fun red and green charms.  It's made from a charm pack with four extra charms added, part of a black charm pack and my own charms made from Kona Honey.

Thank you Sharon!

I've temporarily lost my quilt hanger as he's recovering from knee replacement.  We'll see how creative I can become!  I've got some more quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders in the wings!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Report

It's Friday.  The week has slipped by, but I've been busy.  I've been on a mission to get as many quilts completed as possible before hubby goes into the hospital for knee surgery.  I have three more ready to be quilted and I may or may not get them completed.  But I'm happy with what has been finished.

This quilt will go to Quilts Beyond Borders as will the others of its size that follow.  I made some HST's last summer to clean out some small pieces of fabrics.  I was going to make a whole HST quilt, but got involved in making 12 inch blocks instead.  I used up lots of green and pink in some 6.5 inch blocks and added to some plain white for a bigger block.  This pattern is one I created to use up my stash and use 12 inch blocks that I've accumulated either from the Sunshine Lotto or blocks I've made myself.  I can use 6 blocks rather than using twelve, but with a bit less sewing.  I use 3.5 inch strips for the inner border, and I've been using 3.5 inch strips for the outer border, but the last quilt I put together, I used 4.5 inch for the outer border.  That way with the 4.5 inch blocks left over I can eventually use 4.5 blocks to make a quilt. 

It takes 5 strips for the inner border with some pieced for one of the top or bottom borders.

It takes 6 strips for the outer border and there will be some pieces left that can be cut into blocks.

 I used some wonky swirls for the quilting and it went quite fast.
 A Michael Miller bright orange and yellow was the backing.  My that was nice fabric.  I loved the feel of it.
This is a quilt using 12 blocks. and then a border was added.  With the blocks on hand it worked up fast.  all but two of the blocks were from me.  This worked at getting a lot of green and pink into some blocks!

This little quilt came from "What was I thinking to buy this?" category, but it worked up quickly and I had fun using some outline quilting.  It also used up some fabric I got at a garage sale for the backing.  I didn't realize it was a poly-cotton until I pressed some of it into some blocks.  So I wanted to use it up as personally, I don't like the smell of poly-cotton.  But the little quilt is charming.  I love the touch of leopard!  I'd of never thought of using it with the floral.

Our Sunshine group came up with a Tahoe block that is 10 inches and I made it into a little quilt with black and white a the remainders of a "love" fabric I kept thinking I'd use, but didn't.  It worked well with the rest of the black and white.  The other quilt is similar to the orange and pink one earlier in the blog.

Got the random strings quilt quilted.  Boy it quilted up fast and fun!  I'd ordered some 50 wt cotton from Red Rock Threads that was on sale and I used it on the top and just LOVED it.  So, since it was a clearance sale, I ordered more to have on hand.  I really liked using it that much!  This one made it to the washer before I got the photo!  That got rid of all my big marker markings!

My quilter called and had my big quilt finished.  She's been working and had taken awhile at getting at this, because working on your feet and then quilting on your feet can be quite a chore!  Needless to say I'm happy to have this one finished.  It started as a HST challenge last summer with Vicki Welsh and I love it enough to put it on my bed, rather than as a quilt in the spare bedroom.  We slept under it last night and loved it.  We now have two quilts with wool batting on our bed and I can highly recommend wool as a bed quilt.  I'll not use any other in the future!  I wish I could afford it for everything as it is so lovely!

Note:  It now needs some additional pillows, but I'll share anyhow!

With my old fashioned bed, I'm just in love with the old fashioned, traditional look of a patchwork quilt for a bedspread.  Now if I could just find a bed skirt that I liked!  I really don't want to make one, but I might have to.  This bed sits just a little lower than many premade skirts.  The one is one I had on the bed and is one of those adjustable ones, that I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I'm thinking I need a darker skirt.  Oh well--that's done the road a bit as I have a few more things on my plate for now!

Well foks...
That's all folks!  Happy Friday!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

End of Week Report

I emptied some bins!   Yahoo!

Feels so good to have some of my fabrics into quilts and now with over 100 crumb blocks a good many quilts are still ahead.  This week I'll concentrate on quilting 3 more quilts and making tops from some lotto blocks for Quilts Beyond Borders.

These are quilted and ready for binding.

Nothing fancy, just that I'm thinking finished is better than perfect and the quilts ready for quilting is going down, down, down!

Now for soccer and a home and garden show!  So, not much sewing today!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I can't believe my last posting was February 14.  It's been busy around here, but you wouldn't know it by my lack of posting. 

Last evening we attended a Memorial for a friend.  She fell on February 14 and broke her tibia.  I should say that she crushed it.  Hospitals and being dependent were not her style and I dare say she willed herself to pass on.  She was a remarkable woman, strong and determined and I'm happy to have known her for the past seven years.  A few friends got together Friday and I had this small token for one who knew her best.

A friend contacted me Tuesday and asked if I could make a quilt for a wall hanging and this is what I decided upon.  She loved blue, I don't recall seeing her wear anything but blue, and she lived in Hawaii in her early years.  So, it had to be blue!  She was a devout Mormon until she read The Sealed Portion and she found what she was searching for in reading that, but the price she paid was told here if you are interested: Ida Smith

The call asking for a quilt included one more request:  a birthday quilt with spaces for us to sign.  Fifty and Fabulous is the quilt that came from that request:

Of course I didn't get a photo of her crying upon opening the bag or of the completed signings, but anyhow you get the idea.  I really hurried on these two and they are finished when I didn't think they could be. 

350 block report:
I've been making blocks like crazy! 

Crumb blocks!

Sweet sixteen blocks!

Total blocks completed for February: 126

A Sweet Sixteen Quilt was completed yesterday!

There is a new initiative for Quilts Beyond Borders.

Syrian refugee project has asked if we can help them ship from 100-180 quilts every quarter (there are a few other groups who may be helping as well so I don't think QBB will need to supply them all).  They are doing workshops for the children, two different lengths of time, 3 or 6 months. The main focus is to help the children deal with their PTSD. They go home at night so the quilts will stay at the center and then when they "graduate" from the program, they get to take their quilts with them. The children range in age from 5-16 but they've said that the sizes we've been sending over there have been just fine. They have asked that no helicopters, planes or military scenes be included. The children have been bombed with those and it'd be very traumatic for them. :(  They did say that red and green quilts are very popular because those are the colors of the Syrian flag.

Another initiative is with Orphan Outreach in Guatemala that QBB also helped last year. These quilts would go to children with Down Syndrome and about 120 are needed there. 
So this green quilt will go to QBB.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet 16 Quiltalong

Well, I'm a little late, but I've joined in another Quiltalong!  See the sidebar at the right for the connection.

I was looking for something that I could just go into the sewing room and sew when I had spare moments this coming week when daughter is here.  I had a small package of greens saved for this project, so it wasn't a stretch for me, but I'm so surprised at what that little package has grown into.

My first set of blocks:
Some of these HST's were already cut from a project last year.
My HST's ready to sew:

Pressing and squares awaiting cutting:

I think this will keep me busier than I'd thought!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Relaxing Day

Yesterday I worked so hard at the gym that I decided to take the day off and I just puttered around.

I started with cards for the Grands.

 I got the idea from Me and My Quilts

It's a fun way to make cards and I enjoy it much more than making postcards from fabric.  These go easily into an envelope and I have lots of blank cards.

The other night I worked on the quilting for this pillow.  I had to keep slowing the machine down and I don't think I did a very great job, but when it's in the pillow and after a couple of days, it doesn't look so bad to me.  One thing, I did use my glossy thread and I'm just not good enough to show off with it, but with the gold in some of the fabric it looks good on the pillow.

I bound three quilts that have been waiting for me to bind.

This fun one is more orange than the picture shows and I accidentally found a backing that had lots of that same color in the print.  This will go to Project Linus, locally.

This is the second to the last of the quilt from scraps of this.  I was able to order a polka dot from Thousands of Bolts to extend the colors quite well.  I have one more to put together and then I can bid good-bye to this fabric.  I really liked it, but after three quilts and one in the working stage, I think I've made it go as far as I can.  It started out as a Block of the Month at a local store and after I finished the big quilt, there were lots of pieces left, hence the crumb blocks.

These little things have been on my cutting table for sometime and now they are all trimmed and waiting to get made into pinwheels.  They are the leftovers from the Charming Stars Quilt, below:

 If you've read my blog at all you recognize this fabric--it, too has gone on forever.  I just couldn't bear making sashings, so I just sewed the blocks together for a donation quilt, but while it was sitting on the banister I thought it looked really good to add some turquoise into my living space so I'll probably keep this as a spring quilt.
Charming Stars
Terry has another fun sew along Here 
Here it is with a pillow I made and one I purchased before Christmas.

 This pillow is one I just made from some practice stitching maybe it was 2013--gosh time goes by so fast I can't remember, but I thought it just might make a great pillow and with the new quilt and pillow, it adds a bit of spring color to my living area.
 Found a couple of turquoise trinkets at the store and spruced up my hallway too!  Man, I'm on a roll!!!!

I'm still working on some blocks for Sunshine Yahoo Monthly Lotto, and I'm working out of some scraps for these.  February is red and March is green.   I have some green polka dots for more stars and they can go either February or March.
Hubby is off to his art class, and I may just put my feet up a bit and play words with friends.  I love these kind of days that everything seems to go together!
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Friday, February 6, 2015

At Week's End

Tomorrow I won't be quilting, so I'll post my week's finishes today.

It's been a busy week and I wanted to make a dent in some of the tops I'd completed.

For the RSC15 pink challenge, I dug deep into my pre-packed packages of fabrics I thought would work into quilts.  This rail fence came from a fat quarter pack that was less than desirable for me.  This quilt reminds me of Pepto Bismal.  I added the white thinking it might add some variety, but a third color would have worked better, but I'd counted out 15 fat quarters for a quilt along at Crazy Mom Quilts last June.  This is one I didn't get to last June, so it was waiting for me. 

It's now done!  It will most likely go in my pile of quilts that will go to Quilts Beyond Borders and I certainly hope there is a girl that loves pink!

The backing:
It doesn't show up very well, but the binding is a black with white polka dot. The backing fabric was in a bunch of fabric I got at a yard sale.  The biggest piece is for another quilt and this remainder worked by adding some of the rails to the back.

This next quilt was started last year for the rainbow challenge and I got it finished!  Whooppee!

Lost of crumbs and pink with a bit of green and the binding is black and white polka dot.

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This more subdued quilt is a cool one!  It doesn't scream at me.  It's just sort of calm and quiet.  Sometimes that's nice for a quilt.
The tiny flowers I quilted into the border:
Mostly I just wanted to get these quilts completed, so I didn't use complicated quilting.

Oh, I almost forgot the blues, from a January start:
 This one had a little surprise wonkiness in the quilting for the centers.

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