Thursday, October 12, 2017

One More Completed

The days are getting shorter and my quilts are going out the door.  This one is from my bin of black and white.  So I grabbed some yellow and turquoise and made this one.  

I need to get a better system for quilting.  I was looking at Patsy Thompson clamps for suspending the quilt and take the drag off of it.  This one was especially heavy for my table top quilting machine.  I also need an extension, but I just don't have the room, so I'm going to add those clamps next pay day!
Quilt Suspension System #1 by Patsy Thompson Designs LTD

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Strings and Things

My favorite quilt is the string quilt.  I return to it so often.  It seems so simple--just sew some strips on a piece of muslin.  But, the putting them together is where the surprise comes in.  I had some purple scraps and this came from them.  

An old friend from high school cheerleading loved this, so it will be sent to her as a reminder of our friendship.

Of the three high school friends I have, two of them have lost their husbands within the last six months.  This one is for Sue.  It started out as mine, but her husband was such a bright spot in everyone's life, I decided I'll send this to her as a remembrance of his bright and cheerful personality.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Quilt for a Dear Friend

I have a very dear friend who is also the spokesperson for the Humanity Party.  One day he asked if I would make a quilt for him.  
I laughed and replied, "It might be the last thing I do!"  Well, it wasn't, but I want to share it here.

I got the logo from and then set out to try to find fabric to go with it.  I finally hit upon some success!  

Then I had to cut it out.  Heart attack mode:  What if I cut it wrong and couldn't replace the fabric.  But I did experience success!

Natalia Bonner quilted this quilt so beautifully.  I couldn't thank her enough for her beautiful work.

The quilt in its new home:

The label
This is probably my show quality quilt that will never make it to a show, but it was gifted to the Messenger.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Whoop! Whoop! Quilts Complete

Oh my, does the quilting make it.  I got a couple of quilts quilted this week and one mailed off to Australia.

I purchased a packet of 2.5 inch squares.  Just one, and then I sewed them with the bright lime.  Yay, one more thing from my stash!

These two quilts will go to Project Linus.

This one started as some star fabric and I intended to make a Christmas quilt, but it never got done and I kept coming across the 9 patches.  So I finally bit the bullet and finished up with various fabrics.  The backing was a piece I bought and never really wanted to cut into it, so I used it and add some spare blocks to the backing to make it wide enough.

This one is a favorite.  It's from my favorite colors.  A friend in Australia loved it so it's now on its way to her.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Quilt for Grandson

This quilt pattern seemed to fill the bill for my grandson.  


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rainbow Scraps! and More!

Rainbow Sraps have been sitting in a drawer and I decided to tackle them.  The blocks were made into 6.5 inch blocks and I cut two black 6.5 inch squares from black and then cut on the diagonal for each block.  I use a Crayola marker to number each block.

The brights and the backing are from Colorways by She hand dyes each piece and I love her work.

                          the backing from a three yard piece

Quilted by Gayle at Scrap Apple Quilts. When there is a contrasting thread needed for quilting, I usually send it out.

I now need to box it and get it into the mail Monday for a dear friend that loves rainbow colors.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Quilt Tops for the Week

As I finished a book on tape I continued sewing.  amazing what I can do while listening to a book on tape!

This one will be mine!!!  I love orange and with the latest move I decided to go bold with the rugs--they are orange.  This will look good on the sofa in the living room.

This one is from some stray blocks and a couple I added so I can complete a quilt top.  I'm thinking this will be a Project Linus quilt if I can find a happy background.  

I woke up the other morning with visions in my head of making a top that would go with my turquoise flannel in my stash.  This is a start.  

String quilts seem to be a pre-occupation for now!!! :)

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Stepping back into quilting


It's not that I haven't been quilting, as I have.  I haven't been posting here.  I wanted to give this another start.

Combing through my stash I found a box of purple.  So far I have enough of the blocks for a lap quilt for a FB follower and another group for one who wants a wallhanging.

I'm learning to use my phone for my uploads and I'm struggling a bit so I've stayed away from this.  Hopefully things will get better as I do this more.  

I went to my batiks and found some beautiful autumn colors.  I'm doing this one for another FB friend.

I cropped this on my computer, but for some reason they aren't cropped when I add them here--ugh!  Oh well, this gives an idea of a start.  I think I'll still have enough strings for a donation quilt from these.  I'll wait and see and use some of them for a border and then I'll decide.  

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In Your Neighborhood

Last winter I wanted to do something modern.

I enlisted in a class in Cedar City and precut all the pieces and labeled them.  It was a big job as they were made in block subsets and then sewn together.

I went to the class, but my learning style did not match the noise in the class.  I got very distracted and finally just left early.

I was just going to not finish the quilt and was going to give away what I'd started.  I had it in my sewing room and didn't think to close the door.

The dog got in and made a bit of a mess of my piling system.  So I patiently put it together and decided if I'd done that much I could finish the quilt. 
I texted a friend and told her I'd like to give it to her for her new granddaughter.  I was just going to free motion quilt it.  I was going to leave the "roads," but they looked funny and I thought they might pucker, so I started quilting them in pebbles.

Well it became quite a quilting project, but I did finish. 

The last two roads were done with parallel lines.
I'll take it to the Modern Quilt Guild meeting this week and then take it with me when I go to Salt Lake and deliver it to my friend.

Goodness, I Forget it's Fall

The weather here in Southern Utah is warm and very mild.  I forget it's November.

I've been going through some photos of quilts I've made so I can remember and I've really been remiss on this blog.  I seem to post to Facebook, but neglect to post here.  This quilt was finished sometime this late summer for a present for my hubby.

Adjusting for the size of the fabric I had made it difficult to figure out the strips, but I finally figured something out that fit, so I sewed it together!  Sometimes my planning skills could be better, but things seem to always work out somehow.

This is how it looks at the foot of the bed.

I used Minky on the back and it is cuddly, but sometimes a bit warm, but hubby loves it and so does Bentley the dog.