Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This may not look like much, but it's been cooking up in my mind.  Yesterday, I returned to making fabric--by that I mean making a new piece of fabric from all the little ends and pieces cut off that could have been thrown away.  I started making little pieces from the bright Rainbow quilt I've blogged so much about.  I had them stored in a little drawer.  Yesterday I just wanted to mindless sew.

Last week I found a lovely yard of linen in a scrap bag I purchased and voila~an idea was formed in my mind.  So, this morning I sewed a strip into that linen.

I got an idea from Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict
Now I get to sandwich it and start a process of quilting the heck out of it!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quiet Sunday

Last Tuesday, I heard a sound like someone was in our garbage.  It was garbage day and I thought hubby had taken out the garbage and since he was at his workout I looked out the door and saw this.
Our quiet pastoral scene at the back of our yard has come to an end.  We knew it was going to happen.  We went to the public meeting to hear of the new subdivision going in behind us. 

Change is never easy! 

I've been taking photos of the work each day.

A quiet day today, but it shows what was finished Friday.

Those big piles of dirt are disconcerting, but there's nothing we can do.  Progress must go on in our quiet backyard!

On the quilting front.
I finished this quilt for donation.

And started a table runner.  I don't know why it's so hard to make a decision on how to use the fabric.  I must have spent hours trying to decide.  I finally made the cuts and started with a pineapple block for the center.
I went shopping the other day and found some fabric that will work for a border and some for some placemats.  Since this will be a busy week for me, there won't be much quilting going on.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Bound and Gagged--Oops I Mean Bound and Ready!

Today I took it easy and just finished up the quilts by binding them.

This one is going in the quilt basket for sending when Gene is ready to get them.    I read about GENE's Angels and had this quilt ready to quilt and the specifications matched.  So I'll save it.  Bright and Cheery is what they want and it's what I'll send.

Not sure where this will go.  It is mostly from a Lotto win on Sunshine Yahoo Group.  I added a few.  Blue and yellow is such a nice combination.  Lovely!

This little quilt is just the remainder of a charm pack and some cream fabric.  Simplicity!

Lastly, this fabric was a piece of yardage I bought in Moab quite a few years ago.  I just loved it. Wish I had more, but I made it stretch as far as I could in this strippie.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I've Just Sputtered OUT!

It happens.  The creative juice just fizzles.  I'm there today!  I'm tired, I'm bored, and it must be summer!

Yesterday I got going on my HST's that I'd cut and finished this top to this pre-border finish.

The picture is taken outside, midday so the colors look a little off, but I think you get the idea.

 Now for the final border.  I've decided I wanted this to go to my daughter and I can't quite remember the color of her sofa.  First I thought maybe this green would work.
Then I thought white.  But I only have a small piece of white batik left.  I do like how it changes the quilt though.
I may go shopping tomorrow--maybe not.  Hope my spirits lift a bit.

Gotta go to the doctor for a prescription refill, maybe I'll go after that. 

This is the quilt I thought at first would be for my daughter.

Her son that recently went to college loved geckos and when I added this fun border I thought of her and it's in her colors and looks a bit modern.

But, I think it will end up as a donation quilt.  Which by the way reminds me that in addition to this quilt:

 I boxed up a box for Margaret's Hope and added two more quilts:

 I've got one started from strings that after I changed the final border I like a whole lot better.
I've got a wild backing for this one!  But, for now I'm closing the door to the sewing room.  Maybe I'll read a book!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finish

What started out with 1 inch HST's a few weeks ago turned into this:

The beginning blocks of which I had two:
Thanks to Vicki Welch for the HSTeria Quilt Along for spurring me to finish up some scraps in my stash as well as starting a new quilt (and maybe I'll get to that next week!)

The yellow in the dinosaur's eyes seemed to call for some yellow in the quilt.
Then there was a challenge for some rail fences, but I didn't have enough fabric of the colors on hand, so a design was born.

Crazy Mom Quilts and Margaret's Hope Chest are combining efforts for a quilt.  Then along comes Sharon Of Vrooman's Quilts and gives me an idea.  With only enough fabric for one block left I made a quilt that fits the dimensions needed for a donation quilt for boys. Crazy Mom Quilts

Ready to send August 1 to Margaret's Hope Chest.Linking to:
HSTeria Quilt Along Progress

Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Closing in on a Few Projects

Whew!  I barely made it without any extensions to the batting!

That is to say: Barely!!!

With all the busy-ness in the quilt, I decided on a simple swirl so that I can practice.

My thread color choices for my new Tiara are still quite limited, but the yellow I had works quite well with the light lime green!  WhaaHoo!  Don't have to make a purchase for thread just yet!

I have this one still to decide on the quilting.  I've used invisible thread to do a stitch in the ditch.  It holds the fabric so that I don't have puckers on the back.

This one is ready for binding.
As is this one.
This one has lots of colors so I did mostly invisible thread, so that limits it where it can go...but I'm oh so happy to have used up pieces of fabric and somehow they all got into a quilt.
For the final border, I used regular thread.  Now to find some binding.  Haven't gotten that far yet!

I think I over did the workout yesterday--maybe just a 20 minute swim this morning.  (I'd much rather stay home and quilt!)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Outdoor Room/Patio Curtains and Yards!

Half way done to getting some patio curtains for our cabana.  I've been looking and looking, but I couldn't see any sense in clipping a clip onto a curtain with holes in it that I couldn't use.  ...And they were expensive for my budget.

Yesterday we hung a paint cloth cut in half and then hemmed to fit our space.  This morning we tried it out and it WORKS!

We were going to take the remaining paint cloth back, but I think now with the movement of the sun, we'll just trim and hem and then put up the remaining drop cloth: voila Patio Curtain!
I since it was such a beautiful morning outdoors, I grabbed a few shots of our yard and garden.

This corner has a fine that was a volunteer from a pot of plants we brought here from Moab, UT in 2007.  We added a Wisteria and with a little work we could have another outdoor space in the afternoon shade the neighbor's tree makes.
The fields to the north of our property will soon be changed into another subdivision (boo)!  But for now, we enjoy watching the farmer plant, cut, bale and harvest the field behind us.  We also watch the pheasant come and go and the seagull come in when the fields are watered.

My little garden is showing some new color.
And my daisies are doing quite well.  I think however we'll take them out in the fall and put a smaller variety in.  These are about 40" tall this year.

Hubby put some lettuce and kale in and its already ready for another picking.  I freeze the kale for smoothies and we eat the lettuce and if there's too much of that I even use that in my smoothies.
New this year are cabbage and cauliflower. 

The cauliflower is folded over to keep it from getting bitter in the sunshine.

The onion patch.
Some Asian/pears are showing on our new trees.

Potatoes--can't wait for those!

The mint in the background is luscious in tea!

My old cilantro which I use in everything!
and the new batch started from seed:

We thought we'd try a sweet potato in one of the pots.  I don't know if we are too far north for this to mature, but it is filling the pot.
The front yard with the blooming yucca that we also brought from Moab.

It's been a project getting this all in.  We're not sure if we're quite ready to sell yet.  It's been fun, but we're ready for some new adventures....we'll see!

The blog from which I got my idea for the patio curtains. Outdoor Rooms