Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet 16 Quiltalong

Well, I'm a little late, but I've joined in another Quiltalong!  See the sidebar at the right for the connection.

I was looking for something that I could just go into the sewing room and sew when I had spare moments this coming week when daughter is here.  I had a small package of greens saved for this project, so it wasn't a stretch for me, but I'm so surprised at what that little package has grown into.

My first set of blocks:
Some of these HST's were already cut from a project last year.
My HST's ready to sew:

Pressing and squares awaiting cutting:

I think this will keep me busier than I'd thought!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Relaxing Day

Yesterday I worked so hard at the gym that I decided to take the day off and I just puttered around.

I started with cards for the Grands.

 I got the idea from Me and My Quilts

It's a fun way to make cards and I enjoy it much more than making postcards from fabric.  These go easily into an envelope and I have lots of blank cards.

The other night I worked on the quilting for this pillow.  I had to keep slowing the machine down and I don't think I did a very great job, but when it's in the pillow and after a couple of days, it doesn't look so bad to me.  One thing, I did use my glossy thread and I'm just not good enough to show off with it, but with the gold in some of the fabric it looks good on the pillow.

I bound three quilts that have been waiting for me to bind.

This fun one is more orange than the picture shows and I accidentally found a backing that had lots of that same color in the print.  This will go to Project Linus, locally.

This is the second to the last of the quilt from scraps of this.  I was able to order a polka dot from Thousands of Bolts to extend the colors quite well.  I have one more to put together and then I can bid good-bye to this fabric.  I really liked it, but after three quilts and one in the working stage, I think I've made it go as far as I can.  It started out as a Block of the Month at a local store and after I finished the big quilt, there were lots of pieces left, hence the crumb blocks.

These little things have been on my cutting table for sometime and now they are all trimmed and waiting to get made into pinwheels.  They are the leftovers from the Charming Stars Quilt, below:

 If you've read my blog at all you recognize this fabric--it, too has gone on forever.  I just couldn't bear making sashings, so I just sewed the blocks together for a donation quilt, but while it was sitting on the banister I thought it looked really good to add some turquoise into my living space so I'll probably keep this as a spring quilt.
Charming Stars
Terry has another fun sew along Here 
Here it is with a pillow I made and one I purchased before Christmas.

 This pillow is one I just made from some practice stitching maybe it was 2013--gosh time goes by so fast I can't remember, but I thought it just might make a great pillow and with the new quilt and pillow, it adds a bit of spring color to my living area.
 Found a couple of turquoise trinkets at the store and spruced up my hallway too!  Man, I'm on a roll!!!!

I'm still working on some blocks for Sunshine Yahoo Monthly Lotto, and I'm working out of some scraps for these.  February is red and March is green.   I have some green polka dots for more stars and they can go either February or March.
Hubby is off to his art class, and I may just put my feet up a bit and play words with friends.  I love these kind of days that everything seems to go together!
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Friday, February 6, 2015

At Week's End

Tomorrow I won't be quilting, so I'll post my week's finishes today.

It's been a busy week and I wanted to make a dent in some of the tops I'd completed.

For the RSC15 pink challenge, I dug deep into my pre-packed packages of fabrics I thought would work into quilts.  This rail fence came from a fat quarter pack that was less than desirable for me.  This quilt reminds me of Pepto Bismal.  I added the white thinking it might add some variety, but a third color would have worked better, but I'd counted out 15 fat quarters for a quilt along at Crazy Mom Quilts last June.  This is one I didn't get to last June, so it was waiting for me. 

It's now done!  It will most likely go in my pile of quilts that will go to Quilts Beyond Borders and I certainly hope there is a girl that loves pink!

The backing:
It doesn't show up very well, but the binding is a black with white polka dot. The backing fabric was in a bunch of fabric I got at a yard sale.  The biggest piece is for another quilt and this remainder worked by adding some of the rails to the back.

This next quilt was started last year for the rainbow challenge and I got it finished!  Whooppee!

Lost of crumbs and pink with a bit of green and the binding is black and white polka dot.

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This more subdued quilt is a cool one!  It doesn't scream at me.  It's just sort of calm and quiet.  Sometimes that's nice for a quilt.
The tiny flowers I quilted into the border:
Mostly I just wanted to get these quilts completed, so I didn't use complicated quilting.

Oh, I almost forgot the blues, from a January start:
 This one had a little surprise wonkiness in the quilting for the centers.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

350 Block Count, Oh Scrap and RSC15 all in One Week

My goodness when I get going I really can stack up the blocks finished.  This past couple of weeks I completed 95 blocks!

I started cleaning up and got a few stray blocks ready for Sunshine Quilters Lotto, but my big push came from deciding to make string quilts. 

First I went to my stray strings drawer which isn't really very big, but I got this quilt from that with plenty of strings to spare!

The border was from a yard cut that I got in a mix of yard cuts from Craftsy.

It led me to the one sitting next to it on my shelf.  The stripe!  I love stripes because they are cool for borders--almost look like piano keys, but this stripe I haven't been able to use.  Then an idea dawned and I cut it into strips.  I noticed that it had grey in it and I had some leftovers from a project last October.  So this quilt top was spawned.  I just love how it turned out!

Then I went to a plastic shoe box that's been holding leftover batiks in blues and purples for at least three years.  So I got busy yesterday and made 24 blocks for this one.  I just finished sewing on the borders--5 strips of 3.5 inches to be exact and voila!  I have another donation quilt that fits specifications for size!
 I really need to chop some vegetables for salads for the week, but there are a couple of ideas for more string quilts I have lurking in my head.

My goal is to get my stash down to a movable size, in case we decide to downsize.  That could take me three years if a shoebox full of scraps makes one quilt!  I have three big quilt projects I want to work on as a reward for whittling my stash.  I think two or three more months and I'll be ready for that fun venture.

For now, I have 12 donation size tops for quilting. 

Two ideas in my head.

A sewing machine that needs tuning--and then I can get to the quilting of them all while I quilt.

Sounds like a plan for a Super Bowl Sunday!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Inventory and Other Boring Stuff...

My husband says I go about quilting like I do fixing meals.  I'm always trying to use something up! 

Yesterday, I spent most of the day sorting through started projects and making some blocks for sunshine; eliminating projects and just generally cleaning up.  In the process I made two backs and now I have 9 quilts ready to quilt.
In addition to those nine, I have a larger quilt ready for the longarmer:
I got some January (blue and yellow) blocks for the Sunshine Lotto.
Some February blocks (red)
Some March blocks (green)
These blocks were all in varying stages of completion, so I didn't just start these from scratch!

I previewed some fabric and then put it away for later--just didn't want to figure out how to make a quilt top for donation from this:

I got my closet cleaned up and reassembled.  (Sometimes in busy moments things just get stacked and old way).  Now that everything is in order I can start again at dissembling the neatness! 
There you have it.  I think I may make a go at making some string blocks today and using up some of the more un-favorite pieces I have.

Sometimes I think I don't know how to shop properly.  I seem to have lots of odds and ends that don't really play well with other pieces, so if I make some string blocks, maybe, just maybe I can make a dent in some of my more unwanted stash. 

...and for that list of what I wanted to make this year--well, I forgot that I like to use up things first!  :)

I see a day ahead of creating blocks!



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sew Beary Much Fun!

The project I thought would just take a short time is finally finished.  I've had lots of interruptions, but now the bears are ready for delivery.

Each one has a little bit of a quirk.  Either the nose is crooked or the eyes are, and one it seemed like it looked sideways cause the head was sewn on crooked.  I don't think making bears is my forte, but the ones the grands received seemed to please them a great deal.

These are all made from the pants and tops of their Nana.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Okay! It's Really Time to Get Serious!

With 2015 well on its way, Downtown Abby Recorded and Good Wife and Madame Secretary duly watched, I can rejoice that the month of December's horrible TV is now over!

I wanted to check in on the new Rainbow Scrap Challenge found here and found that while I was whittling away at a cookie tray of remaining 1.5 inch scraps the color this month is blue.

I have these scraps to add for my weekend.

I've also got the beginnings of a quilted pillow.  With only one patch left I think it's great.  I haven't decided on a quilting design yet, but I'll quilt it and make a pillow.  It'll remind me of my journey with my sister's Peacock Fancy.  Found Here

The colors are a bit off and the floor and the border look a bit weird in this picture, but in real life it's really quite lovely and will look great in my living room.

The reality that I really must get busy on the comfort bears I promised my daughter-in-law got me busy with the first bear.  It's not quite complete and it needs a bow from the flannel that I used for the ears and feet.  The pattern proved to be quite complicated for my non pattern mind, but I figured it out and then I found the picture directions on a Pinterest post I'd saved!  I'll work on more bears today now that the Prototype is nearly done.  I can do the handwork while watching my saved TV programs!
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