Friday, July 15, 2016

Back into Quilting Full Speed Ahead

For a couple of weeks on my list has been to make a blog post. 

Today I'm at it!

I'll not bore you with everything that's been going on since the last post, but I'll show just a couple of completions to date.

First, I'd had two quilts at a quilter for months!  I couldn't get a response from her and I thought I'd lost them forever.  I was sick.  She finally responded and I GOT THEM BACK.

This one went to a friend from Canada, that I've known for years.  He came here recently to visit his mother, and I was able to present this quilt to him in person!

I had searched the internet for a pattern using principles of the Golden Mean, which had lots of meaning to him.  I found a kit on Jinny Beyer Studio and bought the kit.  Thank goodness I got it back because the kit is no longer available.  The pattern still is available though and it is called Da Vinci.

This next quilt is one I've blogged about and it was a long time in the making.  I would have had it quilted differently, but the quilter just because of her guilt at having the quilts so long, just chose a pattern for the quilting and finished it.  I'm so glad to have it back that it doesn't matter.  I still need to bind it, but I put it on my bed to see what it looks like.  I'm thrilled.  It was to be for my granddaughter, but I made her another when this one was "lost."
 Tula Pink City Sample Quilt

This is the quilt I finished for granddaughter.  She's a fan of Minkee fabric on the back, so that's what I did. She loves it.

                                                             Kylie's Quilt about 60 x 80

Yesterday I spent the day in a class with Phillipa Naylor.  It was without a doubt the best class I've been to.  I'll blog more about it later...

Good it be back into full swing!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Few Days in Salt Lake City

I spent a few days in Salt Lake City last week.

Came home and promptly got the stomach flu.  I think I'm over it now and can hopefully get a few things done.

I sandwiched this quilt top and need to go buy thread to quilt it. 
It's just like the pink and grey one I did earlier this year.  The receiver requested blue and green.  I love this combo!

I also got to visit my second son and his wife and the kids for lunch!
 He's not so sure about this Grammy thing!
When did she turn into a teenager?
I visited my dear friend and got my hair colored!  Whoopee!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Living life now without my Design wall

As I stated in my last post I am living without a design wall.  I just sent off a package of blocks made from scraps of green.  The went to Sunshine to be used by other quilters as quilts for other projects.  I have always posted pictures of those blocks I've sent off, but this month I didn't.
As I sorted through scraps I found some small scraps and then tried to extend it into a quilt.  I used analogous colors and it turned out fairly well.  It's bright and fun.  I did think I had the sides measured correctly for the fitting of the border--wrong!  I was off a bit, but after having cut and shifted twice I just went with it and added one half a block to each side and it worked.  Now for the quilting--but there's lots going on this week and I am recovering from a bad cold/sore throat.

This piece was going to be bigger, but I still have lots of pieces left that I can work into a quilt for myself.  As I got three rows done, I realized it could be a smaller quilt as well.  I think I will try this one on my quilting mid-arm machine.
So no pictures of my blocks--I'll try to figure out how best to show works in progress.  I thought I could make this pattern scrappy, and I did, but as I looked at the pattern again, I noticed there were places that showed a light off white that I ignored, which would have made for a visually better quilt, but as this turned out, for now it's great and I'll adjust for my new one from this pattern. 

For now I'm still easing back into some sort of routine!  ...and I'm smiling!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mindless Sewing and Such

I've noticed that I've been doing lots and lots of cutting and sewing in preparation for quilts.  HST's are time consuming for me and it's okay as that's when I ground myself and think a lot.  I cut them 1/2 inch bigger than needed and then press the seam open and then trim them.  Sometimes not much comes off, but the repetitive motion seems to calm down my brain from over stimulation.

I have a housemate now, so my sewing room is gone, and with that my wall.  I've made my dining room into my cutting and trimming room.  It works.  I don't have much company, but I can get up and any hour and quietly cut and measure and press.

My latest collections are for another baby quilt:

Slowly but surely I'm tackling the various fabrics I've collected and have lost affinity for.  I'm making them into a pattern I found from  It's called Milky way.  I think I'll adjust it for donation quilts.  It's a free pattern and a little different from the Jacob's Ladder I use often, using the same basic pieces, just a different configuration.  You can see the  tessellating stars if you look closely.  I'm finding I do better by just adding one third of the block at a time.

I think I'll do one more strip and then add four patch units around the edge.  I have enough fabric to last a long time for this at the speed I'm going, but I find I no longer feel a need to race through things towards a finish, just meandering through the process.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby Quilt for my Niece 

The mail is funny!  I sent this quilt to my niece in northern Utah.  I live in the far south of Utah but sent it Priority.  Well, I finally found the receipt with the tracking when she hadn't received it by Saturday.  It had gone to Provo, UT and then back to St George.  Today I got notice it's now on its way.  I hope she receives it tomorrow since today is a holiday.

I tried my hand at swirls after practicing and watching Jamie Wallen videos on you tube.  The pattern comes from Jo's Country Junction and is called "A Star is Born."  I'll never be as good as Jamie, but I did enjoy trying to practice on a piece of quilt rather than drawing the swirls.

HST's aren't my favorite, but I've found them to be very good for just mindless sewing when I need something to return to in order to fill some time.

I sat in the sun the other day and enjoyed the 60 degree weather here. 
A funny coincidence happened when I saw the picture of her nursery, I had found some fabric with elephants in it and used some for some of the HST's.
Here is the nursery, all ready for its star to be born.

I've found my way back into the quilting world.

Much has changed in my life and I'm finding that quilting is again giving me a sense of direction and just some time to think.  I finished this quilt recently and when I was invited to my niece's baby shower I sent this quilt so that she'd have something to open from Auntie Pat.  I'm so excited for her.  She's wanted a baby for so long and finally it's about to make an entrance!

On the personal front I'm finding my way.  Hubby and I are trying a trial separation.  After 50 years I wasn't sure what I wanted, but it seemed like change kept coming into my vocabulary.  It hasn't been easy.  We are keeping communication open and we're not making any decision for at least one year.  I've lost communication with my children over this.  After all these years of me supporting them in their decisions even when I didn't always like them, this seems like a bitter pill to swallow, but here I am just learning to see what life is like on the other side of the fence.  Funny isn't it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY Hutch in Chalk Paint

I got the baskets today to finish the hutch I started changing before moving.

This is the newly redone Hutch

An old look at the pre-2015 redo

Quite a new look, don't you think?

I love, love, love my dining room!  I've never had just a dining room and I wanted it bright and sunny. The orange quilt helps a lot!


Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm Settled, Now What?!

I finally got the last thing put away in my sewing room.  Now I'm not sure I want to look for something to do!  That might be another messy project.

I got hubby to help me put up the design wall.  If you remember, I pinned all the blocks that were there and folded it up for the move.  Now if I could remember where I put the stray blocks that didn't fit on the old design wall.  This room is a tad bigger than the old one.  The floor is carpeted though and I miss that laminate floor I put in the other one a couple of years back.

Fabric stored for now.

And a picture of the quilts I took to Project Linus before I left northern Utah.
So, the house looks nice and neat and I just may enjoy the lazy feeling of Sunday today.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marking Time

On our original plan we would be in St. George by now!

Darn!  We're not.

We sign on Thursday if everything goes as planned now. 

So in the meantime I've been painting.

This is my original hutch.
I wanted to update it.  We've purchased a new dining set in an antique white with a brown top--I'd show a picture, but there are mounds of stuff on it right now.  *gasp*

Here it is now with the undercoat of Annie Sloan website here   I found a retailer near me here and there isn't one in St. George, so I decided to use the extra two weeks doing some refinishing.  I love this paint as I don't have to prime.

As the hutch is now I will add a bit more orange and then I'll wax it in the clear wax and then add a bit of antiquing with the dark wax, but I'll wait to do that after we move just in case there are some scratches and stuff I need to touch up.  I'll probably add copper hardware.  I'll keep the top open without the doors (I'm keeping them just in case I change my mind.)  I'll then look for baskets for the bottom.  Maybe two on each side, but for sure, one on each side.

My other things are wrapped in old sheets and in the garage awaiting the move.  I'll update you all after we are settled, but here's a hint.  My son said, "You've waited a long time for turquoise to return haven't you, Mom!"  And another: the Vintage on Main had some Fiesta ware in a turquoise that works beautifully for this color and then Macy's was having a sale and I added some other pieces in orange.  My colorful side is sure to come out!  I have a bright orange area rug in my cart at Overstock!

Getting excited!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Life is static!

Life is full of change!

And a big one is coming for Hubby and I!

We decided to see if we could sell our house and it was under contract the first day!

We've found another place with a yard but not much maintenance and no garden. It has a patio and a place for some pots for flowers etc if we choose.  It has no basement and no stairs!  That is a plus!

And it's in sunny St. George, UT about six hours from here!

No more smoggy, foggy winters for us! 

I'm so excited, tired, and a bit overwhelmed as this all happened within a week! 

So, you won't mind if I take leave of blogging for awhile.  I have many things to do!

Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Making Progress--City Sampler

About a month ago, I was ready to scrap this scrappy project! 

But I stuck with it.

Thursday I went into SLC and bought 26 FQ's of which I only needed about a 1.5 inch strip from each one.  You do the math at $3 a FQ.  But I got the depth of color that I needed for these blocks.  It's starting to come together nicely.  I finished block 81 this morning.

Whahooo!  19 to go!  And they look fairly easy!  Yay!

I think I now have the pneumonia behind me.  It's been a rough 3 weeks!  Today the sun is shining and I'm feeling great.

Off to Idaho later to pick up the grands for a short stay next week.

Checking in with Whoop Whoop Friday

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

350 Block Report

I've been plugging along on my 100 blocks for my City Sampler, but I ran into the need for more blue/green toned fabric and I haven't been able to shop for that yet.  So, I started working on finishing up some projects.

I used some blocks I'd made previously for this little fun quilt.

 I had a fat quarter that I just didn't know how to cut up, so I decided to use it as the center of a small quilt.  The crumb blocks filled it out perfectly and I had just enough orange and pale gray polka dot for the borders.

I used a wonky swirl quilting that is fast becoming one of my favorites.

Then I used up some string blocks that I made from some purple fabric that was gifted to me.  I started out with a black polka dot center and ran out of it, so I just added a border on each end.
The photo turned out a bit blurry and its currently in the washing machine, but you get the idea.

The backs of these two quilts have some of my favorite backs I've done!

They really look quite cute together, don't you think?

I spend some time quilting a little quilt I did some improv piecing on and also did some improv quilting!  Nothing to write home about, but it is complete!

I learned some new things about planning and executing design in quilting.
The following quilt has been in my closet for a long time.  Because of all the bright colors, quilting it presented some problems, and I just didn't want to spend lots of time in quilting and designing the quilting, so I did some meandering and some circles.
I used up many scraps in making this quilt and bid a fond adieu to this little number.  It should make some little child happy with all the bright colors and Dr. Seuss!
Block count for May is 60.

Friday, May 8, 2015


I took a much needed rest from blogging.  I needed to get my head straight and my direction of quilting defined. 

During the process my quilting machine needed some tension help, so it's into the "doctor" for now and I've been piecing.  I enjoy that part of quilting.  I've slowed down and also worked outside in the yard.

From the book City Sampler
I'm finding my way through the blocks.  My design wall won't be big enough to hold 100 blocks unless I really crowd them together.  I'm working on block 50 right now.  I just trimmed the 1.5 inch HST's for that block.  These are all 6.5 inch blocks.  My granddaughter saw me working on this and would like it.  I'll work toward that end, but by the time I get it finished, she may be into another something and out of liking rainbows.  I'm thinking a pale turquoise green would make a nice border fabric, but we'll see.  Maybe by June I'll have it put together, and if not, it'll be okay.

There's a big HMQS in Salt Lake City today, but I won't be going.  I'm still in the mode of limiting my impulse stimulation and staying on course.

So, back to the sewing.  It looks like a beautiful day, and I hope to get outside today!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring in Utah means Snow!

Yesterday it snowed--a lot and it was just like Christmas because we actually hadn't had any snow since then.  I felt like quilting, as snow seems to do that to me.  I pulled out a bag that had scraps from my big project last year and just played.  This is the top I have finished.  I think it will be fun to quilt.

The colors seemed a bit off and a bit blurry so I took another shot out on the front lawn with still a bit of snow left.

Well, I guess it doesn't look so "off" after all.  The batiks just seem to melt a bit into the deep purple.  I don't have a backing for this yet, so it will wait.  I have many still to quilt, not only for me, but for another.

The baby quilt I was going to make from pink and green stars turned into this.

 I almost gave up on the quilting because it wasn't as straight as I wanted it.  But, after washing it turned out fine.  I wanted a modern quilt and I adjusted the pattern a bit to keep it under 42" square.  The recipient wanted square and I'd used this pattern called Canvas before and it's a fun one to make up.  The pattern can be found here: Craftsy
Here's a bit of a close-up of the stitching.  I hope it's not too rough for a baby, but usually they are wrapped in flannel blankets at first.  I'm taking it to my chiropractor tomorrow.  I hope she likes it.  It is pink and lime!

I ran out of thread while binding another quilt, and I just got the thread from Superior Threads this morning. 

This will go to Project Linus.

I added these four blocks to my stack of blocks to go to Sunshine Yahoo Group.  This month is a "boy" theme.

So that's what I've been doing in my absence from blogging. 

Wishing you a happy Thursday!

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Friday, April 3, 2015

350 Block Report

I'm a few days late, but my block report for March is 82 blocks completed.

Not bad for all the quilting I did too.  Most of them were from the beginning of the month.

This morning, I'm going to go through my crumbs and see if there are any that can be used on the baby quilt I posted about on the 31st.

This is my stack of girl-brights.

Knowing me, I'll probably just keep going until they are all finished as once I get going on crumbs I find the addiction kicks in and these are so close to complete!

Happy Sewing.