Thursday, May 31, 2018

a Graduation Gift

The gift is now in the hands of the receiver.  She loves it.  She's an equestrian and when her mother and I were discussing a quilt for her, I realized I'd purchased some beautiful Laurel Burch fabric that would work.  I then set out to find the panel and my local store still had a few.

This will brighten up a boring college dorm room.  

The backing is so much fun.  I used a grey flannel so it would be comforting.

The quilting was all free hand and I followed the mood of the fabric mostly.  

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Quilted Friends

Taking my last two months of work--at least the Project Linus Part!
It's been awhile since I've blogged.  So this one is a big one.

Stack of quilts for the local Project Linus.

A UFO from 2017

Nine patches from various scraps.

I loved that lion, but it's time to say good bye.

Fun with crumbs and giraffes.

I've been saving these little vignettes.  They are now above my quilting machine.

I worked hard on this one in November.  I took it into a quilt shop for quilting.  The brown was to extend the backing to fit their machine.  I think in the notes they forgot to say: load sideways.  So I ended up with brown in the quilting.  I was so disappointed.  I covered it with the patch of green and my sis was happy to receive it anyhow.

Into crumbs.

More of the same only with black and white.

Now orange and yellow strings and some crumbs to extend fabric for the backing.

This one used up the last of my scraps from a commissioned quilt, I think in 2012.

Finished and off to my sis as she was the one who got me the commission.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Something Other Than Quilting

Somehow I got the wild hair that I wanted to change my kitchen.  I started looking at pinterest.  I found several great ideas and decided for me that chalk paint would be the way to go.  A local business that sells Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was having a class.  I signed up so I could add a few tricks to my repertoire.

Before I start the story, here is my finished kitchen.

This is the kitchen before starting:

I wasn't sure of the color so I gathered some swatches.

I thought I might like orange, but I just wasn't sure.  I thought underneath my first desire that the old ocher was probably the best color and one I wouldn't tire of.  

So I went to the class.  The instructor said don't chose something close to your wall color.  So I picked old white.  I also did one in orange just to see.

 *Didn't like either.  So I tried brown and the old ocher.

I decided on old ocher and went to work.  
I did the bottom first.  I found some really sloppy work by the cabinet makers.
First I decided to use the brown as a backsplash.  I thought it would really go with the granite that was installed, but that I didn't really like.

Onto more of the bottom.
I knew now, that I really liked the color choices I'd made.

Here is the finished kitchen.  Red rugs have been ordered for the stove and sink fronts.  Hubby added new hardware.  
I love the new look!

Monday, November 27, 2017

All Tidied Up For Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is come and gone I'll post LOL!

I was in a self imposed time line of finishing two quilts before Thanksgiving so I could deposit them at the Project Linus drop off.

These are the two I finished.

 This was taken upside down and I didn't notice and even after taking it from the wash I forgot to retake the picture, but I think its a cute one anyhow!

 I loved the elephants.  I paid full price for them because I thought they'd add so much to the quilt.  

These are the quilts I sent to Project Linus on Wednesday.  Feels so good to send them off, clean up the sewing area and closet!

Yesterday I did some leisurely sewing and as the sun changed and I had to turn on the overhead light I snapped these photos of my current project.

Puppy is peacefully resting to the whir of the sewing machine.

This looks like a great quilting week ahead!