Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally, a quilt for me!!! I bought the blocks on E-Bay and even waited a year before buying fabric for it. There were twelve blocks and luckily when I went to Grand Junction, I found some fabric that corresponded very well. I love it!!! Crystal Day machine quilted it for me.
This quilt I bought as a batik panel because I loved the butterfly. I then machine quilted it and had a ball just making up the quilting pattern. I then added beads, which by the way can be an addicting pastime. I completed this in early 2004, it hung in the living room on Opal and then in our Condo in Moab, now it's in our bedroom. The gold colors go well with the bedspread.
Bought the squares on E-Bay and added the yellow squares to complete. Sent to Bev Bennett to quilt for WAS, (Wrap a Smile)

Crumb quilt I started in Moab. I used dryer sheets for the foundation and the cats were strips I bought on E-Bay. Sent it off to Bev Bennett for Wrap Them In Love quilts. See another blog: for some of the story of where these quilts go.

This started as a wallhanging, see a previous post. I added borders and some blocks at the bottom, and then had a charity quilt to sent to Bev Bennett for WAS quilts. I just love the dancers!!! They symbolize a freedom to me that I've only just realized since finding The Sealed Portion.