Monday, December 31, 2007

Black and White and if you look closely, you'll see some of the skaters that I used for Chandler's quilt two years ago for a Christmas present. I still have a drawer full of black and white, but I'll let my OCD rest for awhile while I get my machine serviced. This should make some teen-ager happy.

Okay, I'm sick of strings for awhile. I had about 4 or 5 -5 inch blocks that were lurking in my scrap box. I started them on foundation pieces from fabric softener sheets. This is the last time I'll do that! I don't like the small size that they turn out to be as they do take a lot of work to make into a quilt. I really like the looks of them though and the brights are one of my favorite things to work with. I'm taking a break--my neck needs the rest and I need a change. I have completed seven tops in the last 10 days. I need to quilt them all and I have two larger quilts that I need to have someone do with a long arm machine. I think I'll take my machine in for servicing next week as I've really given it a workout this last three months.
This quilt was fun to put together. I got the blocks from Quilters Corner Yahoo Group when it was up for bid on E-bay. I got it for a donation quilt. It was fun placing the stars in various patterns. I finally settled on this one. It's ready to quilt when I get back from Vegas.

I had nearly forgotten about a bag of scraps. I had so much left over. I originally made a quilt for Ron from these fabrics, even used some for Nate from them and made a full size quilt to have on hand and still had some left. I finished this up and it's now ready to quilt. I'll get to it soon...

Sure enough it looks like a white strip through the middle. I started adding white to the strips and so I placed them all together in the center. I'm ready to quilt this for a donation to the Family Connections Center, in Layton. However, I'm taking a much deserved break from the sewing machine for a while. We'll be going to Las Vegas later this week.
Big Bird and Elmo! I had enough scraps to make two of these tops this past week. They are ready to quilt.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

There was something about this fabric that just made my heart dance. I cut the fabric piece I had into two pieces. I started with two wall hangings, and ended up making the one into a quilt for Wrap Them in Love, and this one I finished on December 7, 2007. I named it ...And the truth shall set you free. I plan on giving it to my dear sister Dorothy whom I met just ten months ago. As we have loved the freedom we've found since reading The Sealed Portion ( I then realized the freedom of the dancers movements replicates the freedom I now feel in my heart.

This quilt was done as a string quilt. By this I mean it is pieced onto a muslin square and the haphazard way of doing the squares comes out with a surprise. The are then sewn into a group of four and pieced together. I only had sixteen pieces of this color and I wanted to keep them all the same instead of mixing them into other crumbs. I finished it off with other scraps I had and then quilted it. I used a batting that I had on hand and so the machine quilting didn't come out as perfect as I would have like. Now I'm finished with all my batting scraps and only have cotton batting on hand. This quilt will go to the Family Services Center. I visited them the other day and my heart was softened to the hardships of many we don't even see. Because of the cold winter this year, many are having their gas turned off and are in cold houses. I know this doesn't help everyone as the would, but until the WUF comes to fruitian, at least I can do what I can to ease someone's burden.

You Are My Sunshine Quilt...I finished it! This quilt has truly been a work of love for me. I've loved nearly every minute of it; from the shopping for the "just right" colors, to the cutting, piecing, quilting, and of course just touching. What is there about quilts that brings so much joy into my heart. I can only guess that somewhere etched on my spirit is the memory of sewing and creating. I've learned much from this quilt. I'm still not perfect in every little square, but this one comes closer than any I've done. I do hope that the new home for this quilt is a happy home with the addition of a new little boy! Thank you Kathy for the fun!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is ready to finish the squares in the middle and then the binding. I think I'll put an X in the middle of each square and then I'll hand stitch the binding. I'd like to get this completed this week. Hand stitching usually takes me awhile as I'm not really fast at that. Right now, I've got it sitting on my sofa. I absolutely love the colors and the design. Very restful!!!!

This is a quilt that was lurking in my closet. While needing to practice before working on Kathy's quilt, I found this one. It originally was purchased with two others in a "bundle" purchase on E-Bay. I decided to donate it and machine quilt it. It had some hand quilting already done, and I just machine quilted over it. The person who made this quilt had a nice warm fluffy batting which was a little difficult to quilt on my machine, but all in all in turned out well. I'll be taking it to the homeless women's shelter today.

After realizing that I'd had such trouble quilting this, I dug it out of the give away pile and completed it for the Family Connections Center. It is a cute quilt, it just puckered on the back when I tried quilting it. I unpicked it many times. Finally in desperation I relegated it to the donation sack. Sunday, I pulled it out and bound it and I'll take it to the homeless women's center. Note to self: Only use cotton batting when machine quilting on my machine!!! :) Every quilt has a learning curve.