Sunday, December 9, 2007

This quilt was done as a string quilt. By this I mean it is pieced onto a muslin square and the haphazard way of doing the squares comes out with a surprise. The are then sewn into a group of four and pieced together. I only had sixteen pieces of this color and I wanted to keep them all the same instead of mixing them into other crumbs. I finished it off with other scraps I had and then quilted it. I used a batting that I had on hand and so the machine quilting didn't come out as perfect as I would have like. Now I'm finished with all my batting scraps and only have cotton batting on hand. This quilt will go to the Family Services Center. I visited them the other day and my heart was softened to the hardships of many we don't even see. Because of the cold winter this year, many are having their gas turned off and are in cold houses. I know this doesn't help everyone as the would, but until the WUF comes to fruitian, at least I can do what I can to ease someone's burden.

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