Friday, February 15, 2008

The blue hexagons are pieces from a challenge piece I got at my quilt guild Tuesday. It's been "challenging" my mind since then. The piece seemed like a bright spot of spring on that wintery day and I was sure I could make something from it. I love looking at the quilts in this book. I wanted to try doing one and thought this would work. But this fabric was more controlled the way that I cut it than the fabrics in the book. More variety in the cuts makes better blocks. I may still use these blocks in a quilt if I trim them down a bit. Or I may use them as pot holders!!! Not sure yet, but after I got online and tried to find some fabrics that would lend to this, and found a purchase would be $73, so I decided the lesson was in the learning and to spend my money more on something I could use and love or use what I have and make quilts for charity and forgo the challenge.

Oh one more thing I learned from this small piece of fabric--I think I like the octagons more than the hexagons and if I hadn't plunged ahead quickly like I did, I'd have just intellectualized that and not experienced it.

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