Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hooray! I finished my first quilt on the HandiQuilter16. I took advantage of the opportunity to rent the use of the machines at the headquarters near here. Just one little wrinkle in the upper left corner of the picture--but I'm not unpicking it. I think it will show less when bound and when washed to soften it up a bit. It was quilted on 80-20 cotton batting and the block is an 8 inch block from Quilters Cache. I had lots of fun--but it was hard work too as you have to remember lots of things at once. However as the time wore on, I was getting used to doing it more. Off tomorrow to complete another--then the binding...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day 2008
Between not being able to post a picture and some little issues like back problems when sitting at the computer etc. etc. it's been awhile since I posted.

I looked and looked for some fabric that I thought suitable for Mom a table runner, since that is what she said she'd like. I had a hard time finding a pattern and then finally settled on this one. I added borders to make it bigger and the end result is one I'm happy with. I used some charm packets and coordinating fabric. I purchased one more so that I'd have enough for some placemats to match.

All in all "charms" aren't my favorite. They do give a combination of colors, but they still need to be cut to make a pattern, and I found I really had to "focus" to keep the charms matched the right way and laid out the right way. There is an error in this, and maybe it could be found, I still have to look hard to find it. It's hard when one is trying to complete it on a Sunday and the quilt store is closed--so I just made do with what I had and made it work.