Sunday, June 29, 2008

These quilts are being sent to a women's and children's homeless shelter in Kansas. The one on the right is from a Yellow Brick Road pattern and you can see that design in the teal and the purple. I ran out of the white and purple strings and didn't have any more fabric to make them so I added the pink strings I'd had on hand. The girl who received this really liked it. Actually the quilt looked better than the picture. In hind sight, I should have ripped the strings apart and placed them differently, but I was trying to make a deadline for some women displaced by the floods.

These quilts are ready to be sent to a brother and sister in the same family. The one on the left I named Happy Quilt. It made me giggle when I was putting it together.

These quilts are ready to be taken to the Family Connections Center in Layton, tomorrow.

Friday, June 20, 2008

This happy quilt is a result of my error. I started making blocks for a lotto in Lovestitin4charity and somehow I didn't notice the fabric on some was the wrong side out. I didn't want to pick out all that I'd done so I kept these back and made them into a quilt. It's now ready to be gifted. After quilting it, I can no longer see the places the fabric was inside out. It is such a bright fun quilt and I added the cutest pick polka dot backing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Red, black, blue and bold. This quilt is ready to gift. Second time on the HandiQuilterSixteen. The pattern of the quilting is "bubbles." 53 x 70 inches.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

This quilt is ready to be bound and then gifted. I love the way the blocks look and I had it professionally quilted. I was going to send it to Moab to go to the quilts4cancer, but didn't get it done in time and I sent another. The binding will be in the blue from the backing. It started out as four squares that were donated to the Syracuse Seniors Humanitarian Quilters. I found some black sparkle fabric and used to bring the size up. The gold was in my stash and as there was gold in the blue squares it seemed like a good match. Found a wonderful sort of Asian print on to use for the back. I finally sent it to a young man struggling with cancer. Hope that it brings him warmth and love.

This quilt was given to Sydney, a young mother who works at the Syracuse Center. Her baby is expected soon. This was made from flannel and is warm and cuddly.