Saturday, September 13, 2008

Strings and things....These are some of the 9 1/2 inch blocks I've made from the samples Letha gave me. I put them together in a big block of four and just finished ripping them all apart. They were driving me nuts. Couldn't feel good about any setting I was doing. So, I looked in the big box for some fabric that I might use for the settings. FOUND IT!!!! Yea!! It's a soft green and seems to go with all the busy ness of the string blocks. It's a soft probably polyester velvet, so it will wash. The samples are varied weights of cotton in upholstery and drapery fabric. It will be a heavy bedspread type quilt. Now that I know what I'm going to do, maybe this unsettledness will leave and I can now work on cleaning up my house for the week!

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