Saturday, October 11, 2008

THERAPY???? Usually I use quilting as therapy. Sometimes however it is the opposite. As I was using samples my sister had given me, I got into a place where I just couldn't let go and let it be. I was trying to force something and I couldn't figure out what. So I ripped all the blocks apart and started over. Then I found what I thought was the perfect thing to put between the blocks. It was a huge scrap of velvet. Even with my quilting foot the velvet just smooshed beneath it. I couldn't pin it and make it turn out as perfect corners. I was about to throw it all out and then I realized that there is maybe some person who could use the warmth this would provide. I've got the back cut and I'll take it down to the city center and tie it and then how will I bind it??? Don't know yet, but I saved it from the trash. Hope that my potty mouth while sewing didn't spill onto the quilt:-)

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