Monday, September 29, 2008

Block Party!!! These blocks were for a weekend Block Party on Heartstrings. I wasn't going to do any, but got caught up in the fun of it and realized I had some lime green left from the quilt I finished Saturday. I found I had lots of scraps to put together for this and still have lots I can make into 6 1/2 inch blocks to use up the smaller pieces. Strings are so therapeutic for me. I simply cut the strings, and start sewing. If I keep a cup of coffee on hand, I can really get whizzing with my old machine. These are to be for boys and I hope the purple is okay. My DGS really liked purple when he was 5 through 8 or 9 and I made two quilts for him with lime green and purple and even bright pink. I think he still likes those colors and he's 12 now!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wheee! My funk is over! I forced myself to get this quilt ready for the seniors to quilt. Actually there were only two of us that tied the quilt, but at least I got out of my doldrums and accomplished something with quilting this week!!! This will go to the Family Connections Center in Layton. Disappearing 9 Patch is the pattern and the butterflies are a Laurel Burch Fabric that I finally got the nerve to cut into...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boy am I in a quilting slump. I've got to get a quilt ready to tie at tomorrow's Senior Luncheon. It's a real challenge to get going when I want to do some other things right now.

NO KNEE PAIN! Boy I haven't had that for almost a year and a half. I've had treatments, massages, shoe inserts, physical therapy and a host of other things I've tried, but I think the combination of those things and the wearing of my EARTH SHOES has made a difference in my knees. Walking the whole day without pain. WOW!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Strings and things....These are some of the 9 1/2 inch blocks I've made from the samples Letha gave me. I put them together in a big block of four and just finished ripping them all apart. They were driving me nuts. Couldn't feel good about any setting I was doing. So, I looked in the big box for some fabric that I might use for the settings. FOUND IT!!!! Yea!! It's a soft green and seems to go with all the busy ness of the string blocks. It's a soft probably polyester velvet, so it will wash. The samples are varied weights of cotton in upholstery and drapery fabric. It will be a heavy bedspread type quilt. Now that I know what I'm going to do, maybe this unsettledness will leave and I can now work on cleaning up my house for the week!

Sewing progress??? Sometimes when making strings it seems as if the mess will never end. I'm currently working on taking apart some sample books my sis gave me and then making string blocks from them.

Retro nine patch is what I called this. Vi brought over some nine patches she'd started years ago. I purchased some fleece to back it with and the Syracuse Seniors tied it last month. I finally finished binding it and took it over to the Layton Family Connections Center Yesterday. It was one of four quilts I took.

This was the second southwest cheater I took to the Layton Family Connections Center. Mildred tied it and I bound it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Some vacations are just magical and you never want them to end. This one was one of those. My mom and sis and I really had fun. We laughed and giggled like teenagers. My sis and I left Mom to her morning routine and we went for coffee at the local Maverik station in my blue PT Crusier convertible. There was a chill in the air and we had to wrap up a few mornings as there was a cold snap, but the love in our hearts warmed body and soul. Everyone should experience at least one of these weeks!

Roosters and Strings...This started out as strings from donation fabrics I'd received. There was a definite blue/white that when I sewed them together I remembered the rooster fabric as some of the upholstery fabric my sis gave me from a workroom in Vegas that she uses for her designs. It worked out well, but I didn't know how it would wash. I used a fleece for the back that had been donated to the Syracuse Seniors and one of the seniors, Mildred tied it. I bought some red fleece to bind it and voila a quilt is ready for the Layton Family Connection Center. I pre-washed it to see if it was all washable and it washed well. I'm quite attracted to this quilt. I tried it out before washing and it is plenty comfy!

Wouldn't you know it--the repair man is coming to fix our internet connection tomorrow. After 3 weeks of intermittent service, now it's working and I can upload pictures. This is a quilt I finished for our youngest son, Nate, who turned 31 today. This is a scrappy log cabin I started a few years ago from scraps of the quilts I've done. It looked so good when I finished, I thought I'd give it to him. If he doesn't want it, I'll use it myself. Actually he's in Moab for a river trip and will return home and make the big decision--a check or a quilt. Who knows he may pick a check! *smile*