Monday, April 20, 2009

Mardell, a fairly new quilter, gracefully took some fabric--none of which went together and tried disappearing nine patch with it. The result was amazing. My husband really likes this quilt. It is quite striking in the darks that were used. It looks like she tied it all together by using the same fabric for the center square before she cut it up into the smaller blocks. Great job Mardell and the quilting now makes it officially finished and ready for gifting to the Layton Family Connections Center.

This is the back to a quilt that Mardell made. I used a method I read about somewhere to use smaller pieces of fabric to form a back. I completed the binding last week~~finally. Judy quilted it.

This fun quilt started as a pack of charm squares. I was into happy squares at the time and thought I could do that with the squares. After another trip to the store for the border and the back, I was into this quilt $40--and that's before paying Judy to quilt it. The pattern for the quilting is "circles". I like it alot. The back is a bright blue of one of the charms. The nine patches were some I had left from another project. I really thought the pattern in the fabric was a cream color and that's what I used around the squares, but now I'm not too sure whether it's cream or white, but the cream worked. The batting is some polyester that I bought a roll of at JoAnn's when on sale. I much prefer the way a cotton batting "lays" when completed. Still have more than half of that roll. I'll be so glad to get back to the Hobbs batting!

Bricks and Stones quilted and bound and ready for giving. I had Judy try Baptist Fans for the quilting pattern. This quilt is done in "wovens" and some shirting fabric that was donated. The pattern worked nicely with the fabric.
After listing all the quilts that were in the quilt show~~it's back to the workings of reducing my stash as charity quilts. The one on the right is a butterfly quilt with lavendar butterfly fabric for the back and the front of white eyelet. I chose to use a one piece quilt and let the quilting be the focal point. I actually did two like this. The one on the left is done with snails in the quilting to go with the flannel on the back. It looks like I really need to replace the battery in my camera!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Feb. 10 I showed the quilt ready to be quilted--shown as a color challenge and challenge this quilt has turned out to be!! I finally finished it today and I'm renaming it~~Mistake Quilt~~
One after another was a booboo, but it's up and I'm trying to decide where to put it. The quilting was more than a challenge in itself. The quilt is mainly on the bias and so it hangs just a bit wonky--but it's done. The photo doesn't show the three dimensional quality of the flying geese in the center. I used one stitch flying geese as taught by Ricky Tims. I also used his Razzle Dazzle thread in the bobbin to make the quilting work on such a "wonky" piece.

Off to see DGK's tomorrow!!

This quilt is by an old friend in Moab. She now owns a new quilt store there and is having so much fun with it. We used to have long walks we called the "Walk and Talk". Somehow life happens and things change, but there are little special places in one's memories for special friends. "Snowflake Angel" was made by Crystal Day and quilted by Tommye Paddock. I loved the colors!!! She loves to embroider and has done many quilts with embroidery.
This quilt was completed for the 2009 Challenge. Made by Laura Senter is called "Old Woman". The 3-D and detail of this quilt is amazing!!

Autumn Leaves by Tina Dickerson

I think this is Colorado Star Log Cabin made by Monika Skowbo and quilted by Tommye Paddock.
Quilt top by Jim Charles and completed quilt by Jim Charles and quilted by his wife Linda

Monday, April 13, 2009

This is a quilt by Pat Garlett of Moab Delicate Stitchers and shown at the Moab Quilt Show in March.

Another quilt from the Moab Quilt Show.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This quilt is done from One Block Wonder Technique.

Not sure what to do with those miscellaneous quilt blocks?? This was a "Christmas BQ" done by Darleen Nielson with a pattern from Maple Isle. I'm going to keep making sampler blocks and put them together with this for donation! Great idea Darleen!
This fabulous Star Quilt was made by Darleen Nielson. I think Tommye Paddock quilted it--can't find it in my notes. Darleen does beautiful hand quilting. The color choice is stunning!

From a 2008 Challenge called Postcard Inspirations comes this quilt by Patsy Walker titled Lizard. She also quilted the art quilt.

Another quilt from the 2008 Challenge "Post Card Inspirations" made and quilted by quilter Peg Harty. This one is Lupine Braid. I taught with Peg for a year before we moved from there. Not only is she a great quilter, but a fantastic teacher and person.

Art Quilt by Marion Eason is an outstanding example of the quality of quilts in the Moab Quilt Show. Mountain Goats abound at different times of the year in the hills just north of Moab. Marion created this orginal design from watching them.

This quilt was one I could have easily taken home in a minute! It is the creation of Delicate Stitchers member Tommye Paddock. She has now added machine quilting to her accomplishments! She has an eye for color that shows up in this "braid" quilt. I've been wanting to do a braid and this is certainly inspiration.

This stunning quilt, Mimbees Dream, won the vistior's choice award at the recent Quilting in the Red Rocks Quilt Show March 7 and 8 in Moab, UT. It was made by Claudia Beraer and Terri Hoff and quilted by Gail Braunn. It is now owned by the Colorado Archeology Society where it is displayed there.