Monday, April 20, 2009

This fun quilt started as a pack of charm squares. I was into happy squares at the time and thought I could do that with the squares. After another trip to the store for the border and the back, I was into this quilt $40--and that's before paying Judy to quilt it. The pattern for the quilting is "circles". I like it alot. The back is a bright blue of one of the charms. The nine patches were some I had left from another project. I really thought the pattern in the fabric was a cream color and that's what I used around the squares, but now I'm not too sure whether it's cream or white, but the cream worked. The batting is some polyester that I bought a roll of at JoAnn's when on sale. I much prefer the way a cotton batting "lays" when completed. Still have more than half of that roll. I'll be so glad to get back to the Hobbs batting!

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