Sunday, June 28, 2009

This patchwork quilt was fun for me to do. I didn't use a pattern, I just made four patches from scraps that I had.

I need to know more about value as witnessed by this quilt, so I enrolled in a "Combing your Scraps" class on This week I'll be combing through my scraps--I don't have enough cause I've been rather "anal" about them and used them when they reached a certain point or mailed them off to other charity quilters.

Now I'm taking a new turn with my quilting. I'm going to take more time with each quilt--it's not going to be "production quilting" anymore for me, I'm going to be more particular about what I'm putting together, I'm going to shop with a purpose rather than shop to use a coupon--those kind of things that will change the course of what I'm making. I'll be making less quantity. I do have some quilts that I'll be sending to Sunshine Quilts and as I go through my stash of kid friendly fabrics, I continue to make blocks for the Sunshine Group--but nothing like I've been doing in the past.

This week, I finished the binding on this quilt and really enjoyed have some handwork to do. Maybe I'll even quilt some quilts I've made so that I have some more bindings to do. I can't get hold of my quilter, so I might need to find a new quilter. Judy has been taking care of her dad and that may have absorbed her time and energies for now. I do hope she'll call me back.

Yesterday DH and I got to be the host car for the Grand Marshall. Here we are while waiting for them to arrive! We got to throw candy out to the kids along the parade route. Today, my throwing arm is a bit stiff, but we have fun being in the parade.
Actually through the years parades have changed much. Now they are mostly trucks or cars throwing candy rather than bands and floats. The economy has hurt lots of things in small towns. This city right now is struggling with burgeoning growth and decreasing property taxes. A similar situation is felt all across America. Actually I'd like to think that it will get better, but the reality to me is that there is a lot for America still to learn.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another UFO (unfinished object) completed. I did this blocks as part of a challenge to make a signature block in the middle of a churn dash. When I got them done, I didn't want to give them away--didn't know what I'd do with them, just didn't want to give them away.
Then I had a brainstorm to make them into a table runner. Since I didn't have any more of that particular fabric it worked well into the smaller quilt project. I love it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This colorful quilt top is from putting together some blocks from a Sunshine Yahoo Group Lotto Win and then using some nine patch blocks from another group's swap.

This quilt is from some blocks from the same lotto and swap as the blue one. I plan on sending to Bev in Alaska for quilting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The soft tones of this baby quilt are very soothing to me. I love the design that Judy chose to quilt it~~it looks so much better in person than this picture could give. Nine patches are easy to work up and with the quilting it makes a restful quilt.

Some simple nine patches and some superb quilting makes a nice baby quilt. Nearing the end of fabrics donated for gifting...

With such a cool June and lots of rain the roses this year are gorgeous. In fact, I had to trim some because of the rain and the weight of them they were too heavy for the new bushes.

What's Sweeter than a newborn with his sister to welcome him?