Sunday, June 28, 2009

This patchwork quilt was fun for me to do. I didn't use a pattern, I just made four patches from scraps that I had.

I need to know more about value as witnessed by this quilt, so I enrolled in a "Combing your Scraps" class on This week I'll be combing through my scraps--I don't have enough cause I've been rather "anal" about them and used them when they reached a certain point or mailed them off to other charity quilters.

Now I'm taking a new turn with my quilting. I'm going to take more time with each quilt--it's not going to be "production quilting" anymore for me, I'm going to be more particular about what I'm putting together, I'm going to shop with a purpose rather than shop to use a coupon--those kind of things that will change the course of what I'm making. I'll be making less quantity. I do have some quilts that I'll be sending to Sunshine Quilts and as I go through my stash of kid friendly fabrics, I continue to make blocks for the Sunshine Group--but nothing like I've been doing in the past.

This week, I finished the binding on this quilt and really enjoyed have some handwork to do. Maybe I'll even quilt some quilts I've made so that I have some more bindings to do. I can't get hold of my quilter, so I might need to find a new quilter. Judy has been taking care of her dad and that may have absorbed her time and energies for now. I do hope she'll call me back.

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