Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got lots of things in the works! This is a completed prototype of a journal that I'm making to sell in a local consignment shop. This is the second one and now I think I have the pattern down to what looks good to me. I've got some brights that are paired together and some buttons and some ribbon and ready to start.
I'm also making some pinwheels and some HST for a split nine patch.
August 5, 2009. I pulled the quilts I had in the consignment shop and have decided not to do any of these for sale. At least for now---it was taking all the joy from my thoughts about quilts. Rather than doing what is fun for me, I was turning into a "what would sell?" sort of compulsive person and I didn't like where it was taking me. I also figured, that for now, the pricing the co-op chicks wanted and what I was able to buy, made it impossible for me to make much return on my quilting, so I'd rather just do it for the joy and continue giving to loved ones, or the family connections center, quilts for kids, or sunshine quilts.

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