Sunday, September 20, 2009

BQ for Grandson

A quilt top for Chandler. Two rows left and the blocks are made, I just need to add them and then this will be ready to quilt. I have some time left at a quilting place and I'll call them tomorrow and see if they are still accepting workers at their machines. When he was here this summer, he picked out what he wanted--he loved some fabric I had and we picked a pattern that would work with what he wanted. He's really into surfing. This is a surfin' quilt top! Had to pick out an entire row last night as I'd assembled it wrong. UGH! This will be a comforter type top for a queen size bed.


LindaSue said...

What a beautiful top and it looks so complicated.

Thanks for looking and posting a comment and for adding yourself to my followers.

Hope you clicked on the pictures, cause it sure makes a difference in the colors.

Thanks again and also for your friendship. It means a lot to me.

So more snow on the mountains. Does that mean snow on the ground is not far away?

LindaSue said...

I keep forgetting to ask you. The Quilting Gallery logo. I went and signed up so I am now on there listing. Did you have to pay them to get the logo on your blog?

Because of signing up I am already in touch with two other fellow quilter's. That is great for me. Also a bunch of new blogs to check out. Going to get back to sewing tomorrow. I am getting antsy. Later Hugs

LindaSue said...

Oh I am learning. I figured out how to get the logo on my blog and now it is there. Great Hugs

LindaSue said...

Hey gal Thanks for adding me to your blog followers listing. You are the first one. Been in contact with some fellow quilting bloggers and it is getting to be great fun. It is awesome to see so many out there and I am sure I haven't even touched the surface. The work they are doing is so inspiring. Just like you and your things it just put's me in the mood to create.

Got my head swimming with things I want to do and get accomplished. Have you ever visited Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!. She is also at blogspot .com. ANother very prolific quilter. Has published and travel's all over the place giving classes. On her web site which you can get to from her blog she has a lot of free patterns and hints and some really great stuff. Not that I want to specifically follow a pattern as the general rule, she does have a lot of good ideas and things.

So far most of the thing's I have done have not been "by a pattern". I have done a few that way, but I tend to get frustrated and become very impatient with myself. It works better for me if I just get the material and then study on it and come up with something that way. I know, I am crazy. I just sort of let it talk to me and then I am ok. Right now I am out of practice and these two set's of stuff, really I have 3 or 4 sets of stuff that can be put together, but I am in a tizzy as to what to do with them. I don't have enough room here to "lay things out to see". I may try to lay a dark sheet on the bed and do it that way. Have to get hubby to sit in a chair while I do. I think if I can just get one going the other's might fall into place.

Sure didn't mean to get so carried away with this. Better go and do some things. Like washing dishes. That is something that never goes away. Will be glad when I get running water and a hot water heater cause then I can just load my diswasher and let it go. Now I have to carry the dirty dishes out to the little rig, wash them and then bring them back inside. Back and forth is all I do. Course it sure is good exercise to do all that walking back and forth.

OK stay warm. Later Hugs Linda