Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crumbs and Things

After a short span of sleeplessness, I began making
"crumbs". I had purchased a bag of scraps from Roberta at UniqueSpools and in it was the fence fabric and the words fabric (corn, apples, eggs etc.). I didn't know how to use it and in that restlessness, I remembered some "egg" fabric I purchased at a quilt show. I also had some beaters--hence now I have some crumbs that I'm going to either make into teatowels, aprons, or hot pads or a combination of all. I may make them for Christmas or even my Etsy.com shop. We'll see.
I just ordered some vintage fabrics and hopefully the bright yellow will work with this. If not, I'll be doing some real shopping---UGH!

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LindaSue said...

Looking good gal. I am feeling better today. Think I am getting over this mess finally.

Have to get back to sewing. Wanting to make some tote bags and have to finish the placemats I am making for mother in law. This fabric is talking to me and I need to listen.

Was able to pick up a box of tomatoes when I was coming back from going to Jacksonville. Ate most of them but was able to put up 6 quarts of canned tomatoes. Just used two of them to make a big pot of gumbo the other day. Sooooooooo good. I do love to cook.

Later gal Take care