Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Decorating

I love autumn and love to decorate for it, but over the years I have really simplified the decorating. Last year I wanted some "ghost" pumpkins and couldn't find any, so we grew some. They took up lots of garden, and we won't do it again, but wouldn't you know it---there are ghost pumpkins at the grocery store this year! Who would have thought.

All in all, this seems rather nuts when my sister is cleaning up after flooding in Atlanta. The devestation that Mother Nature dishes out and then add the insult of stupid city planning and then it's the people in the heart of the cities that get to bear the brunt of it all. Not unlike Katrina, only just less published since it wasn't a hurricane or an "instant" catastraphe--it has been hurtful to many.


LindaSue said...

Your stuff looks great as usual.

Sorry to hear about your sister. Hubby's folks live in Roswell and his brother in Duluth. I am sure you know where that is.

Been working on a string. Got eleven rows done, now to put them together. The lady we rent our lot from is taking part in a local craft show and I have been helping her tie a couple of quilts so she can have more stuff to sell.

Daughter sent me some pictures of her mum plants in the front yard. They are full of blossoms so I guess the weather is still pretty good out there.

Later gal Take care Hugs

Pat said...

The flood is nuts! Still haven't talked with my sis--the phones have been a bit sporadic and she doesn't have a long distance cell phone. Maybe tomorrow. Luckily we've been in touch through e-mail and I know she is okay, just in a big mess. Her basement was totally flooded. She's had some help and that is wonderful since I can't do much from here.