Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hubby's Home

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned up my sewing area--when we had our carpets cleaned I moved my machine to the kitchen island and have really like having it there. I can catch snatches of time which is perfect for a blog and a new challenge I found this morning:

While he was away, I finished 4 tops and have the crumbs assembled for 2 more. Since he had the camera, I'll get some shots of them soon. I got into my waste not want not blocks and started assembling the blocks and I got 8 big blocks of about 16" squares put together. I'm not sure how to finish them, so for now they're hanging on a hanger in my closet that is getting too crowded with tops that need to be quilted!

Later...I have lots to share, but need to find the camera!!

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