Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Confession

I'm hopelessly addicted to making string quilt tops. Last week, I set aside some fabric for another type of challenge for myself, but since it was making what I call happy blocks in different sizes, I just couldn't get going on it. I stalled for about 4 days and then on Sunday I finished up a quilt top--the one in the background. Now it just needs a border and its ready for quilting.
I then started the blue/brown combination in 9 1/2 inch squares from one of the stacks I'd set aside for that other quilt. I may yet do it, but I have lots of fun trying to do what I call a controlled string quilt top where I make 4 blocks that are alike and then sew them together, later assembling them in a quilt top. I've got 24 blocks left and then another top will be done.
I acquired a quilting frame and it's in the basement. I may put one of these quilt tops on and tie a quilt...Lots to do.

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