Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A place I send many tops to be quilted is to a retired lady that quilts kid sized quilts as her pastime.  She cranks out over 200 quilts a year and sends them to one of two charities.  This is from a response to a question she was asked:
1. how do you guys decide which quilts go to which organization?

The maker of the quilts is the first to designate which goes where
(so it's your choice). If the maker doesn't say, then basically if it's
bigger than 40x60. I send it to WTIL---but either charity can use ANY size.
The other consideration is that WAS uses the quilts to wrap young children
during the surgery, so 'small' or "large" quilts aren't able to be used as
easily---but WTIL services all sized children so they always have a need for
both large and small quilts. As you can tell, it's a very selective
choice... . Often the deciding factor for me is which next box needs
filling....LOL Also----both charities stock-pile quilts and they'll let
me know if they've got a need for special sizes to fill shipments.

2. Bev.... have you ever kept track????
Yes, I keep track of all the quilts I work on for Sunshine. I
have the last 6 years on the computer. What I do is to number each years
quilts as I do them--so if you check out my webshot album, you'll see albums
for each year. I start fresh each year with number 1 on January (and you'll
see an album for WAS and an album for WTIL for each year). I've completed
280 so far this year---and for 2008--311 tops, 2007--254 tops, 2006--386
tops, 2005--367 tops, and 2004--276.
I am loving retirement because I can devote myself to Sunshine
quilts.....< G>

Other Sunshine's quilting angels do something similar--although not all
manage to photograph all the tops they do. I'm just more vocal, I

3. Gail made the quilts, you quilted them, and now sending them BACK to
LOL---Gail is our west coast representative for WAS--she hand
delivers finished tops to the WAS warehouse.

Miscellaneous- ---40x60 is the 'ideal' size for wrapping most children--which
is why they both can use the most of that size. Also, orphanages don't
have full size beds, and 40x60 is a good "cot" size. We looked a long time
to find charities that guarantee that the quilts we send are hand
delivered--- and could use any size quilts we send. We also decided that
we'd only "officially" support these two charities--- ---they count on us to
supply their needs and we don't want to spread ourselves too thin--It's not
that we don't appreciate all the different charities that individually we
may support. Occassionally, some of our members (that we know and love)
will let us know about special groups that they're working with that need a
little extra help to fill a need---and we'll make some of the quilts for
them also---but only with the permission of the maker of the quilt tops.

Hope I've answered more than just created more questions--- let me
Hugs........ ..bev b (Fairbanks, Alaska)

So, that is one of the reasons I belong to Sunshine Quilter's Online Yahoo Group.  Many are commtted to making either quilts, or tops, or backs to donate to these groups:  Wrap A Smile, which is a group that makes quilts for kids receiving surgery to fix cleft palate disability, or Wrap Them in Love, a group that sends quilts to many orphanages or kids in need of a warm "blanky."

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