Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sometimes a quilt just doesn't turn out like you'd pictured it in your mind.  I'd sketched this quilt and thought things would work okay.  I had some leftover ABC blocks and some chenille fabric that I thought I'd intersperse inbetween the blocks.  I even laid it out as I sewed.  When I sewed all the blocks together they just didn't come together as I wanted.  I didn't want to pick it out, as it is a charity quilt and many who receive these just AREN'T quilt POLICE.  So I finished it up and had it quilted.  I bound it and washed it and the chenille is a warm fuzzy surprise and it is soft and cuddly and I gues that's what counts.  I'm sending this to Mountain Baby Blankets when I get the address--how do I lose things so fast????

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