Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Quilt or not to Quilt

Just about finished up the sunflower fabric that I purchased a few years back. I had the intention of making a quilt for my bed. Have since sold the pattern and just put all the fabric purchased (a going out of business LQS) into my stash.

These blocks are 10" by 7" and then trimmed to 6 1/2" by 9 1/2" sewn in groups of 4; three across and three down. The length of the block is very pleasing to the eye and I'm starting to think I like these better than the square heartstrings. They are just a bit trickier to sew and not have curves in the stitching lines. I tie it or quilt it? I think I could possibly quilt it on my home sewing machine, but haven't really decided. So, for now, it's hanging in the closet. I'm betting I'll wait until Judy starts quilting again and I'll send it to her. What could be defined as a quilting addiction??? Ha! Ha! the need to sew just to sew and then collect tops faster than I can afford to get them quilted?? Yip! I'm thinking that's what it is.

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LindaSue said...

Yep, I think so too. Again it is so pretty.

Later Stay warm