Tuesday, October 27, 2009

With just a few 2 inch squares comes a quilt!

Yesterday, while getting some crumbs ready for Sarah, a gal on heartstrings yahoo group needing crumbs for a nursing home project,  I found some 2 inch squares that I thought I could use so I saved them. After mailing her box I went to the Family Services Center and donated eight quilts. The woman there
was SO-o-o appreciative of the quilts and told me a story of a man who had requested help. They were from TX and his wife had just delivered a baby in UT and they had NOTHING for the baby.  I thought how much good those scraps made into quilts will bring  to those visiting that center in their time of need.

I came home and made those scraps into squares and added some string blocks and
came up with another baby quilt that I can donate.  While doing that, I thought how much are we saving when we use up all our scraps. You'll be surprised at what I found.

1 yd. = 1296 sq. inches per yard

figuring .006 per inch gives yardage at 7.78

figuring .007 per inch gives yardage at 9.07 etc.

so there are 61.5 sq inches in WOF 1 1/2" wide saving .43 if buying 9.00 yd

fabric (which I seldom use--but for fun just say I did)

a 3 1/2" WOF = 143.5 sq inches or a savings of 1.0045

Now, I'm not the best mathematician, but I think my figures are correct--at
least I hope so.

So ladies and gentlemen: Never say your heartstrings quilts are only worth your
labor. There's lots of money that we save by using all of our scraps!! And
that money we save, we can always buy more fabric. "Waste not want not" is an
old proverb that can be applied here.

I think I'll be taking a break from blogging for maybe a week or so.  I do have other things I really need to get done!


Granny Lyn said...

it is sooo true, throwing away those scraps is such a waste,,,I'm so proud of you for using them in such a generous way!! I wish all the world had a "quilter's heart"

Mary said...

How nice of you to send the crumbs!

I like how you used the string blocks and the double 4 patches in this top.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from heartstrings. I spend most of my time making scrap quilts to give awayl Your photos are inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Carmen in Utah

LindaSue said...

Miss your posting's gal. Been cooking and working in my little house. No sewing for a couple of days. Later Hugs Linda