Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Finish...

This started as a back for another quilt, and I thought to myself--I really could make another quilt out of this and then my work would go farther.  So, another quilt came from my two day crumb making session earlier this year--maybe in September...

I got to thinking while sewing the binding.  In my early years as a frazzled mom, I had quilts that I washed to death.  Most moms who receive these quilts, I am thinking, will be moms who may not even have their own washing machine, so these quilts need to be very durable.  I prefer making the binding and then sewing it by hand, but that may not be as durable as sewing down with a decorative stitch the way I now do most donation quilts.

I remember a quilt that I received when we took in a foster Native American.  I didn't have enough bedding when winter came.  There was a quilt in the Relief Society's closet and I asked if there was any way I could get it.  Of course I needed to remimberse for it--that's a whole 'nother story and I won't go into that today---maybe sometime I'll tell--but to make the story, it was a quilt that had been tied which made it durable for my boy's bedroom.  After a couple of washings the binding which was hand sewn came undone and it was awhile before I could get it resewed.  I was working, my first year as a teacher, having a weekend job as a waitress to help pay the loan we had for my education, and being a mom.  I suppose that has colored my thinking about bindings.  I want the quilts I give to be given freely--no strings attached--no payback and I want them to be durable.  I have several places I send my quilts, as many know.

I have been asked many times why I don't sell my quilts.  I suppose I could, but it would take out the joy for me.  This way I can let my imagination run and sometimes I just go with whatever fabric I have and come up with a design.  If things don't work quite the way I'd imagined--I don't have a e-quilter program nor much of a design wall, I can just donate them which is in my way of thinking a plus--I get to play and someone gets a quilt.  Most of the quilts I do are just from my head, or a combination of a pattern I've seen or just putting fabrics together.  This quilt, I used two layers of Fairfield 80/20 from a package.  It seems a little less thick or sturdy than some I'd have.  It makes me wonder if they've changed the batting.  So I won't be buying that anymore.  I'll be making an order soon of a roll of something advertised on called quilters dream batting.  I haven't yet washed the pictured quilt, but with two layers it is a bit more bulky.  That's one of the reasons I really like doing strings.  It adds just one more layer, not a thick one, but with that and the batting, even though not really fluffy they are quilts that just "mold" around the body.  I like that feeling. 

Well, I've rattled on enough today.  I need to make one more quilt, so that I can wash them and not have my washer go nuts because it's not loaded right!!

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LindaSue said...

You are such a good lady. Really enjoyed your stories today. You always make my day anyway with whatever you write.

And as usual, I learn something. The little quilts I made I hand stitched the binding on the back. Do you think I should go back and do a machine stitch?

I still have and use a machine quilt that I hand tied and hand tacked down the binding on the back. It has been washed in a machine 2 or 300 times. It still looks like the day I made it. I try to tie really hard and hand stitch close together. So what do you think?

So to close for now. Glad you are back and up and running.

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