Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Belief--what is it?

I just read of a woman who is gathering quilts for the victims of Fort Hood Shootings and their families.  I respect that person's intent and desire to help.  Sometimes I find myself in a rather lonely frame of mind as I consider current events.  I DO NOT believe in war.  I believe that wars have been manufactured from man's inability to live the golden rule.  But, what is belief anyway???

I just read this:
In order to create value for themselves and gain a sense of equality with everyone else, human beings have developed their own individual belief systems.   The real truth is that there is no true human reality in any belief system invented by humankind—not even one!  (Human Reality Intro)  see: http://www.pearlpublishing.net/store/index.htm

I wonder sometimes in my hours of quilting how things are supposed to work in this world.  I suppose we'll go on doing whatever it is that makes us happy--or in many cases things that could cause others to be unhappy.  I think of wars, poverty, beliefs and the rifts they cause and I wonder even, if the quilts I make will give warmth to some child who may grow up to be a terrorist.  I can only hope that someday truth will prevail.  I'm again posting a link to a video that makes sense to me--the person who doesn't like war.
An acquaintance of ours lost his nephew in the Ft. Hood Shootings.  

This is his view of what is happening:


A message and book dedicated to the youth of the world in remembrance of Aaron Thomas Nemelka, who was killed on Nov. 5, 2009 during the Ft. Hood Massacre.


LindaSue said...

I so agree with you gal.

I guess we can only do what we are doing. Take it a day at a time and keep that wish going. Keep hoping for a better time and a better day. We can't let our dreams die.

Oh how I wish we women could run the world for awhile. We could and would stop the wars. Put all the men who want to to go to war at work in a homeless kitchen, a nursing home and an emergency room. We would get all the children fed and warm. We would make sure all the old folks were taken care of. We could spread some of the warmth and caring we carry in our hearts to all.

Take care. Keep your spirits up gal. THe winter is coming and that is hard on your body and mind. Please stay warm. Am thinking of you. Later

Pat said...

You are right. No woman wants to give birth and then see them grow up and go to war! I saw a picture in the paper of young Aaron Nemelka's mother at Washington D.C. yesterday just breaking down when she went by his picture by his boots etc. The poor woman, it's got to be a big strain on her to go through all this. Oh that wars could end!