Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Came Early!

Yesterday we made it to a JoAnn's 3 Day Sale and hubby made sure that I bought the sewing table.  It has now made it so that I can sew, cut and press in my sewing room.


LindaSue said...

Does that mean upstairs in a room where it is warm? I hope so.

We just got back from Gulf Shores. Went Sat afternoon and left this afternoon. 3 hours and 180 miles. Not too far at all. Enjoyed seeing family and we really ate good. Brought home over 50 lbs of what is called paper shell pecans. Hubby's sister has 4 trees in the yard and boy do they put out.

Got to eat some great seafood, fried mullet, boiled shrimp, fried oyster's and more. Ate the rest of the turkey leftover's and his mom fixed us a great breakfast today before we left. Scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, sliced cheddar cheese, peeled and sliced tomatoes, fresh squeezed oj, and I forget what else.

I am full. We picked up about 10 lbs of shrimp and I just fixed boiled little red potatoes, boiled shrimp and sliced tomatoes.

I'm going to bed. LOL I don't want anymore to eat.

I sure hope you don't get hungry after reading this. LOL

If you ever get down this way I will cook you some great food to eat. Diet be damned.

Hope you had some great shopping at JoAnn's. I got an email notice and was afraid to look. None close and couldn't go anyway.

Take care Later Hugs Linda

Pat said...

Dang Linda, I did get hungry reading that! We just had some shrimp last night and it was wonderful--10# WOW! Lucky you!

My sewing room is actually just off from my bedroom. It's a small bedroom that I've converted to my sewing room. One day, maybe we can finish the basement and give me a real big sewing room, but for now this is just Great.