Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More to go...

This is the first quilt I put on the quilting frames--see earlier post.  It was Sunday morning when I started this and I didn't have any yarn--at least I didn't think I did.  Then I remembered a stash of sheets and yarn my neighbor had given me.  I found some lavender colored heavy yarn.  WOW, it was hard to pull through, but luckily this wasn't a big quilt.  I had some fleece remnant that fit this quilt just perfectly.  When it was completed, I felt that it needed some quilting so I quilted on my machine the white parts.  Using a previously tied quilt, to machine quilt, especially with the fleece backing worked beautifully.  I had a little trouble with the bulk, but not too bad.  The top was made from some 9 patches from a lotto that I won.  I made them into disappearing 9 patches and laid a layer of thin poly batting that was donated a couple of years ago by Fairfield to our senior's quilting group.  Since I have the small bits of the remainder, it needs to be used in donation quilts, as that was the specifications.  Now that I have the quilt frame, that will be easy enough to do, since I can use the frames to tie quilts.  The seniors quilting group is now a group of one--me!  It may take me awhile to use up the batting, but with the quilt below in the next post, I have now used up all the fabric donated--not counting the sheets my neighbor gave recently hoping to have them used somewhere, as she doesn't want to quilt them.   

This is the current stack of quilts ready to go to the Family Connections Center.  Yesterday, I spent some time in recovery, trying to get some help for my back (massage and a visit to the chiropractor has nearly healed it, I just need a bit more rest on ice).  

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