Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A new space now in use for quilting

We have an unfinished basement and I have an inherited quilt frame. I also have some big tops I've made that need to be quilted.  This picture shows the backing tacked down and ready for the batting.

I used a twin blanket I purchased at the second hand store for the batting. 

Then I laid the top over and anchored it down with either tacks or pins depending on where it was.  I should have trimmed the backing to fit better, but I don't have a big table to do that, and this works just fine.  After it's tied it is much easier to trim.

This is another view after I've started tying the quilt.  It's cold in the basement, so I'm going to look for some gloves with the fingers out so that I can do some more when we experience the cold snap that is coming.  I can go down and do a few rows and then emerge into my warm upstairs to get warm.  This is really kind of a fun retreat!!

1 comment:

LindaSue said...

Oh Pat, that looks so awesome. It must really be fun to have that to work with.

What about using a little space heater? Don't you get too cold down there. That will only make your back hurt more.

Take care gal.