Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The quilting compulsion is slowing down

Sometimes I just almost feeling like I have an addiction to quilting that needs a fix.  I'm currently feeling that calm down and I am enjoying some relaxing mornings.  I'm looking forward to family coming next week for Thanksgiving.  We're going shopping today for a roaster so that I can increase my oven space.  I stopped at my brother's bakery yesterday and got some rolls.  see:

I'm going on a fabric diet for now.  Although I have a stash and also have a large over $100 shopping cart on Thousands of Bolts, I'm going to stop buying for now and continue to use up some of the things I have.  I got my McCall's Quilting magazine for December last week and there's a lovely mystery there that I'm thinking of doing.  I've ordered the back issues so that I can do this.  I have some batiks that I could use and after the first of the year I'll look at this and decide then what I need to buy.

I have 3 quilts I sandwiched yesterday that I can work on without getting out my cutting stuff and making a mess on my kitchen counter.

I received my copy of Human Reality who we are...why we exist yesterday and I'm ready to spend my mornings studying this book.  see:

That's about it for today.  I'm enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee and will soon go take a warm bath to relax my back a bit.  I may still need to make another visit to the chiropractor as just sitting at my sewing machine bothers it.  I tried sewing a few things yesterday and needed to quit.  So that may be on my agenda for tomorrow.

Hallelujah!  nearly 11 pounds lost since last Tuesday!

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