Friday, December 11, 2009

I've Had About All the Scrapbooking I Can Take....

...At least for awhile.  I was sort of driven by getting the pictures into some binders and clearing up some boxes I'd had for YEARS!  Now, I've loaded the remainders that aren't oriented to these particular children..and put them away for awhile, while I GET BACK TO SEWING!  Someday, when I need a change, I start doing the pictures of the grandkids and play with them a bit more--this project was more getting pictures into a project that started in 1974!!!

Stray pictures are in a small box!  Grandkids pictures are in another small box and I feel like I've cleared out some filing cabinets and some storage boxes and run my shredder into a frenzy!  There's another large box that contains some 12 X 12 pages, that I may make and put up for sale on ebay...but for now I have some other projects that are calling to me!

Got some packages into the mail today and I can say that other than the Christmas baking~~I am ready for Christmas!!

Feels Great!!!

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Lily Roh said...

Hi Pat, I should'nt be surprised you're a scrapper also. Seems to me scrapbooking is basically a paper form of quilting. Do you rubber stamp too? That would be very funny?! I love them all! Have a great day friend. :-)