Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank Goodness for Zappos

With the help of a long narrow foot--one that requires me to shop for my shoes online (btw~~have you ever seen the look of a shoe salesperson when you ask for a women's 9 1/2--and then add N to that request???).

Anyhow~~I now have the quilt ready to send to grandson and it fits in this box!  It is heavy, but I was able to prewash it in my home washing machine with some help from "instant water" feature.  It is now softer and it "molds" to the body better than before.  I used a thick poly batting as that's what my daughter wanted, but it surely makes it heavy.  Anyhow, I'll get it to the post office today.

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Mary said...

I share your show issues. I am an 11 AAA with a brother who still tells people I don't need skis, I was born with them. But my gran said it gave me a firm foundation. Enjoy!