Monday, December 21, 2009

We're Socked In~~So I Might as Well Sew!

It is just frightful outside.  It's still so foggy outside that I can't even see past our field in the back to see if school is in session.  Luckily, I have everything done that needs doing.  We shopped yesterday for any Christmas Dinner things we might need, and I don't mind staying indoors.  I have asthma, so I notice when there is a shortage of oxygen in the air.  So for now, I'm doing a bit of pillow work!

This fabric is some my sister gave me from leftovers of decorating.  I have a couple of pillows that need to be re-covered.  I'm trying: as a way to use up these stripes and make them interesting pillows.

This picture shows the cut.

This picture shows  after the cut and the placement for the seam:

This picture shows another way to cut into the stripe.  The square will be different, as it will show more blue. 

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