Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Blocks Finished yesterday! Got this top done yesterday. I needed to clean out some drawers and finished up this top. That completes the "bears" I purchased. I've made two tops from the panel and then used these for happy blocks.

These blocks are some I'm now working on. Some were started. Just have a few more and then I'll have another small baby top completed.

These are the remainder of some frogs that are happy block centers. Just need to sort through some more colors for borders for them.

All in all, I've sent three boxes of scraps and fabric for heartstrings to different heartstring group members as I just have more than I can do and I needed to clear some space.

I go to the doctor today to see what I need to do with my knee. It is really slowing me down and the pain is getting out of hand, so I'm ready to face what I may need to do.

Just wish I had insurance!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another top for Sunshine. This is a Bento Box pattern. I used different floral fabrics. When I was sewing it it seemed fine, but the photo makes it look like the yellow block on the bottom is out of place. I don't know what happened when I was sewing it, as I had it laid out differently than this and when I sewed one of the rows on it turned out wrong and I picked out some seams and then came up with a different configuration. I honestly don't know how that happens. I have it pinned and then when I take it to the sewing room to sew--something strange happens!!! *grin* It's happened more than once and I've come to think I must be dyslexic!

From blocks that were donated I made up some other blocks to finish up a top for Sunshine Quilts. The one on the top is a dinosaur fabric I had and I added some other fabrics to make a strippy quilt for Sunshine.

Another quilt top to Sunshine.

A busy I Spy quilt ready for Sunshine. I tried a disappearing nine patch pattern for some 6 inch blocks I had purchased years ago on E-Bay. I tried making the centers from some blue and some ABC fabric. Not sure if I liked the quilt top, but with the borders it all came together well enough for me to feel like I could send it off.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just need to get this quilted and it'll be ready for our new grandson coming soon.

March Border Now On. Okay, so I'm a month behind. I'm going to add the April border and then get it quilted. I'll either put it on the wall by the stairway or make it a tablecloth. I love the colors and it is very soothing to me. It blends well with all the other things in the great room/kitchen.