Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stashbusting Next Weekend!

I happen to have some stash!  So if nothing else gets in the way, I'm joining this for at least 2 of the days.  Already have plans for Saturday, but Friday and Sunday look like they're clear.   I finally purchased a yearly planner yesterday--no big rush, but I just may have a few events coming into my life.  Oh, the simple life I live.  Waited lots of years to have it become this simple--and I'm lovin' it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What color is your rainbow?

What I found out about me by going to:
BTW--no surprises, but it was fun.

For me:

  • Your rainbow is intensely shaded red, white, and orange.

What is says about you:

  • You are a contemplative person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Others are amazed at how you don't give up.

So what's color is your rainbow? 

Do your quilts reflect your colors or do you try to extend out of that when quiltmaking?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready to bind!

With the quilting done and the edge trimmed off, I am now ready to apply the binding.  I think I'll have to apply the hanging strip by hand as the binding will have some slight curving to soften the edges a bit.  Then I'll do the label....3 things left...I can handle that!

The quilting presented a little bit of a problem in some areas.  I couldn't "massage" the fabric enough to leave out all the little "tucks" that came from the scarf stretching a bit.  But, I think they will be lost in the overall effect of the piece.

I Love Heartstring Quilts!

Heartstrings never can turn out wrong!  That's why I love them.  One can use up fabric that you might not like as I did with this batik.  It just seemed too "muddy".  That might be why it was for sale for so cheap, but once I had it I felt I needed to use it.  Here comes a RED center strip! 

This is a simple kid size quilt--to make it lap size, just add a border.  It's 9.5 inch blocks set 4 by 6 so it ends up 36" by 54".  It's easy for me to quilt it on my Bernina home sewing machine.  I follow the squares and then to secure it just a bit more I do a meanering line through the center strip (click on picture and it'll enlarge so you can see what I mean).  This one, the reds bled a bit when I washed it and changed the pale yellow flannel to a bit more of a warm yellow, but no one would know it but me.  As you know, I don't prewash my fabrics usually.  I've already cut strips from the remainder, so it can't be pre-washed.  But, it'll work just fine.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making my way through my UFO's--#9 done!

What was once some stray HST and a 9 patch block as worked into a quilt.  I'm happy to be finished with this yellow fabric.  I bought 5 yards or so in 2007 and this is probably the 5th quilt.  I used one small piece in my sampler quilt and have just a couple of scraps left and all I can say is Wahoo! 

I tried several different layouts and I'm not sure why I ended with this one.  But, it's done and it feels comfy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clear Skies Again--Goodbye Inversion!

It is absolutely amazing how much the weather can play with one's emotions.  Just to see the blue sky again without all the contaminents has lifted my spirits greatly.  Skies in cooler weather can be absolutely gorgeous!

Welcome back blue skies!

Making more progress on my sampler quilt.  Got row 2 done.  I know why it was a UFO--it's cause I didn't want to do 4 block patterns!  The house wasn't that hard, I just needed to cut lots of pieces and the hearts were appliqued--I did a machine applique and the other two, I'm still working on.  They required bigger pieces and I really didn't want to cut into fabric for that, cause "just what if I need it for something else?"  Had to let that go and just start cutting!  Oh my!

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Coming Along Better Than I Thought

Dang, I just broke another needle, so I'm going to have to go buy some more, but this is nearing completion.  I've never taken a "how to quilt" class, I've just taught myself and I think when I break needles it's because I'm going too fast.  I don't have the stitch regulator, so I just have to monitor it myself and whenever I stitch too fast the needle will hit the metal and break...that really slows me down, but it only happens when I'm going backwards!  *grin*

So maybe tomorrow, I'll get this finished!  I bought the threads needed yesterday and now I just need to get some needles!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Foggy, Foggy Day Ahead

This is the fog I see looking from my kitchen window.  It's a bit better than yesterday.  It'll hang around until the storm comes, hopefully Monday and scrub the air!!!

I just seems like a curtain that I should be able to part.  Sadly, I can't. 

Simple Scrappy Treasures

During 2008 I collected BOM from Claudia's Quilt Shoppe (it's now a complete pattern:

Looking back I realize that my OCD makes me a bit crazy.  I now see that I didn't have as many scraps as I thought.  I now save cut pieces in various sizes and just put them away and don't worry about them.  (Strips and odd pieces go into bins for strings or crumbs).  But I started this and thought as I looked at the pictures that I could use my WOW and various cream/tans together.  Still working on the BOM's, but I had enough done to do the first row (minus one block).  I'm not as precise as I thought I was and some are a bit off--as the square in the square blocks; but I think I'll continue and use them anyhow and just trust that when all complete and all quilted, it will just look old fashioned and charming.

I had to just see where I was with this as I got thinking about my UFO challenge for this year and realized if I was going to get this quilted (by a quilter) that I would need to get it pieced early on in the year...  If I were doing this again, there would be pieces I wouldn't use, but I suppose this is a "learning quilt" for me and it'll be one that I can use.  Finished size will be 88 X 104, and my OCD just won't be comfortable with so many unused or unplanned blocks just lying around--that just drives me crazy--this way I have it organized and stacked and working on a few more blocks and when I put it away, I'm okay with the unused blocks--but to put them into the drawer with my others, it would just be too many and I'd start obsessing again.  Dang--learning to live with a quirky brain!!!

Still working on the scarf--still need to get to the quilt store and buy some thread--my list is growing, so maybe next week--maybe even today if the weather isn't too bad.

Friday, January 15, 2010

UFO #8 Completed~~Happy Quilt #2

This is the second Happy Quilt that I've completed.  I have kits made for 2 more.  I just bought a yard I think of the squares and I've extended them into this quilt.  I love the quilt, but I'm not ready to finish those other two just yet.

Found some fun fabric for the back, it's some colorful cars in a black background, so this one will be suitable for a boy. 

I thought that by doing this quilt, my spirits would soar a bit more.  What I really need is some sunshine without a cloud of yucky air hanging over the valley.  It's inversion time and all of Northern Utah is hoping for a good storm next week to clean up our air!  We need it!  I'm feeling a bit tied down to the house as the air quality is so bad that leaving the house makes my breathing worse.  Oh well, I'm getting lots of quilts that I've started into the finished stack.  Soon, I'll have enough to take to Family Connections.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where's my sunglasses????

When working on these strings, I spied some bright yellow that I thought would work with it in between the strings rows.  Voila a quilt was born and I could hardly wait to get it quilted. 

It's a kid friendly quilt from various scraps of African fabrics I'd been hording for too long!

I'll save it to take to a Heartstrings Workshop I'll be doing in May in Moab...

I also have enough blocks left to make one more--it's true strings multiply!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on an UFO (unfinished object)

A few years back--don't even remember exactly, my son gave me a scarf that he'd purchased for me to try to quilt it so that he could use it as art.  I was a bit afraid to try it.  Last year, I decided that to stablize it, it would be best to iron on pellon on the back side of this rayon scarf.  That was quite a process in itself.  I gave it to my quilter. 

Her machine needed some work to do free motion quilting, and then her father passed away, so I asked to get it back, which I think she was very glad to do.

Enter 2010--a UFO list!   After completing UFO #6 which was free motion quilting I decided to try this.  It's taken a bit of adjusting on the tension and though I started using white thread on the bobbin, I decided to finish by using bobbin thread of the same color as sometimes the tension just doesn't work like I'd like it to especially when I move the needle around. 

More sewing.

Fuller view of the whole scarf.  It really is gorgeous.  It has a tag that says Lost River Clothing Company which is where my son purchased clothing and Tevas when he worked as a river guide in Moab, UT for about 6 summers.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

UFO #6 Completed

I've been whittling away my unfinished objects.  This has been in my stack of such for over 3 years.  I purchased the appliques from a gal over e-bay.  I love her work and sadly I haven't seen any more of her work there.  But, now this is done and I have another to do that I didn't even add to the list.  I tried using rayon thread, but it kept breaking, so I went to a polyester.  Now I just need to get a dowel to hang it....

Since it's 2nd Sunday, it's Sunshine Yahoo Group sewing day.  I completed 4 blocks for a lotto that I'll be sending off.  This uses up all but one HST of the blue.  I added a bright yellow/orange to make a block that would utilize those HST's I had.  The color theme for this month is yellow/blue.  Hope this goes with other submissions.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Okay! I'm taking the day off!

While combing through my stash this week, I found some batik that isn't of the highest quality.  I wondered if I could use it in some heartstring blocks.  It worked quite well.  I have more strips cut.  This is actually a WHIMM (work hidden in my mind)--but just hadn't gotten to it.  Now it's a UFO!  Heading out to the Home Show over in South Salt Lake--need a rest from the sewing machine!  It's been a productive week!

UFO's # 4 and 5 Completed

This quilt was started a few months back.  I needed to quilt and bind it to finish.  It's a happy abc style string quilt. 
The back makes use of one extra block that I had, and it helped use the fabric that otherwise would have been just a bit short.

This is a baby quilt that I just started before the new year.  I used up the remainder of the yellow I've had for over 2 years--and used it in some other donation quilts.  So glad to retire it now!  I liked it, but not that much!!!  Block pattern is Buckeye Beauty.

Stash is Moving OUT!

The other day, DH told me when he passed my stash, "That one doesn't look like you at all."  He was referring to the geranium print on the lower right of the picture.  So....instead of trying to make a quilt out of it--didn't really want to--but needed to use stash productively, right???  Within a couple of days there was a need for some quilt as you go, QAYG, blocks for a nursing home project.  See:

Now, I have 24 of those blocks ready to mail out and my stash is decreasing--especially of those fabrics that are no longer my favorites!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lemon Lime Frogs and Things UFO #3 Completed for 2010

This started as some simple 9 patch blocks that I won in a Lotto.  I put them together with the lime green and quilted in lime and yellow thread, hence the name Lemon Lime Frogs and Things.  This is simply quilted using stitch in the ditch.  One more completed bringing the total down to 38 UFO's left.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eggbeaters in Cotton--UFO #2 Completed!

Placemats and tabletopper in crumbs is now done.  I started this awhile ago when I didn't know what to do with a scrap of "beater" fabric in a scrap bag that I had purchased.  I was into crumbs at the time and started it then on a whim added yellow and WOW that really added the punch I wanted.  Now, on colorless January days it is a colorful addition to my dining area!

Friday, January 1, 2010

1/01/10 First UFO Completed

First completion for the New Year!  Actually, I started this in September and it was in the closet partially pinned and ready to quilt.  I used a wavy quilting that went fast and then I bound it by machine using some of the surfboard fabric that was used in some of the crumbs.  I still have a few stray crumb blocks, but this is the finish for the blocks I made when DH went on a hunting/hiking trip in Idaho.  (He's really past hunting, but he went hiking and did some fishing too).  I made crumbs and lots of them.  Now I can say good-bye to the last of the quilts made from that group.  This blue is a cool elctric blue--doesn't go with any of my other blues, so the binding from various colors worked.  I still have enough of that stripe for maybe one more quilt.  It makes a great back.  I just followed those wavy lines for part of the quilting.

1 down--40 to go for the 2010 UFO challenge!

Here's My Problem....BTW Happy New Year!!

I think I need Quiltshop VI
  • I copied pictures of the block pattern sheet on and figured with the fabric I had which wasn't much--how to make the Buckeye Beauty Block without making it scrappy.
  • I alternated the blocks and thought I had everything just right, so that the white alternated with a color.
  • When I lined my 4 big blocks which were made from 4- 12 1/2 inch blocks, no matter how I set the 4 block set, I couldn't get the pink and the orange to line up in the middle any other way than they did here.  I already didn't have any more pink, and I used two different oranges.
  • I decided to just leave it and attach the stray iron on I had previously purchased eons ago on e-bay and then make a border from some stash Laurel Burch.

This is what I ended up with and I like it--it just isn't what I had planned in my head.

  • Quilting is a process and I can "rippit" or I can just go with it and quilt it which makes everything I perceive as error less visible.
  • Quilting from stash is sometimes challenging.
  • Quilting is a creative outlet.
  • Donation Quilts allow me the opportunity to make creative trials and errors that I probably wouldn't do otherwise.
  • EQ Quilter could save me from mistakes like this, but would increase my time at the computer--so I'll think about it as a possible purchase--not a "must have."
  • This is another addition--to my UFO list--going from zip lock baggie to "need to quilt" pile.
Hope you all have a Very Great New Year!  And  that you can keep a sense of balance and peace through your quilting!