Friday, January 1, 2010

1/01/10 First UFO Completed

First completion for the New Year!  Actually, I started this in September and it was in the closet partially pinned and ready to quilt.  I used a wavy quilting that went fast and then I bound it by machine using some of the surfboard fabric that was used in some of the crumbs.  I still have a few stray crumb blocks, but this is the finish for the blocks I made when DH went on a hunting/hiking trip in Idaho.  (He's really past hunting, but he went hiking and did some fishing too).  I made crumbs and lots of them.  Now I can say good-bye to the last of the quilts made from that group.  This blue is a cool elctric blue--doesn't go with any of my other blues, so the binding from various colors worked.  I still have enough of that stripe for maybe one more quilt.  It makes a great back.  I just followed those wavy lines for part of the quilting.

1 down--40 to go for the 2010 UFO challenge!

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