Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clear Skies Again--Goodbye Inversion!

It is absolutely amazing how much the weather can play with one's emotions.  Just to see the blue sky again without all the contaminents has lifted my spirits greatly.  Skies in cooler weather can be absolutely gorgeous!

Welcome back blue skies!

Making more progress on my sampler quilt.  Got row 2 done.  I know why it was a UFO--it's cause I didn't want to do 4 block patterns!  The house wasn't that hard, I just needed to cut lots of pieces and the hearts were appliqued--I did a machine applique and the other two, I'm still working on.  They required bigger pieces and I really didn't want to cut into fabric for that, cause "just what if I need it for something else?"  Had to let that go and just start cutting!  Oh my!

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