Friday, January 1, 2010

Here's My Problem....BTW Happy New Year!!

I think I need Quiltshop VI
  • I copied pictures of the block pattern sheet on and figured with the fabric I had which wasn't much--how to make the Buckeye Beauty Block without making it scrappy.
  • I alternated the blocks and thought I had everything just right, so that the white alternated with a color.
  • When I lined my 4 big blocks which were made from 4- 12 1/2 inch blocks, no matter how I set the 4 block set, I couldn't get the pink and the orange to line up in the middle any other way than they did here.  I already didn't have any more pink, and I used two different oranges.
  • I decided to just leave it and attach the stray iron on I had previously purchased eons ago on e-bay and then make a border from some stash Laurel Burch.

This is what I ended up with and I like it--it just isn't what I had planned in my head.

  • Quilting is a process and I can "rippit" or I can just go with it and quilt it which makes everything I perceive as error less visible.
  • Quilting from stash is sometimes challenging.
  • Quilting is a creative outlet.
  • Donation Quilts allow me the opportunity to make creative trials and errors that I probably wouldn't do otherwise.
  • EQ Quilter could save me from mistakes like this, but would increase my time at the computer--so I'll think about it as a possible purchase--not a "must have."
  • This is another addition--to my UFO list--going from zip lock baggie to "need to quilt" pile.
Hope you all have a Very Great New Year!  And  that you can keep a sense of balance and peace through your quilting!


Pat said...

After really studying the photo, I can see what I did. I alternated the way I "set" the pink versus the way I "set" the orange. Still isn't enough to make me "rippit" since is is a donation quilt. If it were for entry into a quilt show, or if it were for profit, I would have to take out all the boxes in either the orange or the pink. But, since I don't have any more pink and since I don't really need to rip out to stay in peace with it as a quilt, I'll let it stay and just remember--and make a note on my pattern--which I've already done. Next time just to be safe--I'm going scrappy!

Mary said...

I couldn't work without EQ6 and you can be as detailed or not as you want when working with the program to create or *check* a design.