Monday, January 25, 2010

I Love Heartstring Quilts!

Heartstrings never can turn out wrong!  That's why I love them.  One can use up fabric that you might not like as I did with this batik.  It just seemed too "muddy".  That might be why it was for sale for so cheap, but once I had it I felt I needed to use it.  Here comes a RED center strip! 

This is a simple kid size quilt--to make it lap size, just add a border.  It's 9.5 inch blocks set 4 by 6 so it ends up 36" by 54".  It's easy for me to quilt it on my Bernina home sewing machine.  I follow the squares and then to secure it just a bit more I do a meanering line through the center strip (click on picture and it'll enlarge so you can see what I mean).  This one, the reds bled a bit when I washed it and changed the pale yellow flannel to a bit more of a warm yellow, but no one would know it but me.  As you know, I don't prewash my fabrics usually.  I've already cut strips from the remainder, so it can't be pre-washed.  But, it'll work just fine.


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QuiltSue said...

Sorry Ihaven't been for a visit for a while. I love your Heartstrings quilt, and the blue and yellow one. Both gorgeous.

Mary said...

Love it!

I don't prewash either but I do use dye catchers and if I'm really worried about a fabric I'll wash it in synthrapol too. But you are right, with a quilt like this, a little running won't even be noticed.