Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making my way through my UFO's--#9 done!

What was once some stray HST and a 9 patch block as worked into a quilt.  I'm happy to be finished with this yellow fabric.  I bought 5 yards or so in 2007 and this is probably the 5th quilt.  I used one small piece in my sampler quilt and have just a couple of scraps left and all I can say is Wahoo! 

I tried several different layouts and I'm not sure why I ended with this one.  But, it's done and it feels comfy.


Kathie said...

very cute, love the bright blue.

Mary said...

9 done all ready? That's great! I've only got one of mine personal UFO's done so far.

Pat said...

With so many tops hanging in my closet, I decided it was time to quit waiting for the quilter, or the funds to pay her, and decided it was time to DO IT MYSELF. I have some too big for my machine and I'm still waiting to send those out, but my small ones are are being completed and the numbers of UFO's left is going down. And I'm learning how to quilt them quite fast--not so pretty as the longarm can do, but I think, what did we do before longarms and I feel better and they are still warm and I hope welcoming to those who will use them.
Thanks for the visit.