Friday, January 8, 2010

Okay! I'm taking the day off!

While combing through my stash this week, I found some batik that isn't of the highest quality.  I wondered if I could use it in some heartstring blocks.  It worked quite well.  I have more strips cut.  This is actually a WHIMM (work hidden in my mind)--but just hadn't gotten to it.  Now it's a UFO!  Heading out to the Home Show over in South Salt Lake--need a rest from the sewing machine!  It's been a productive week!


Kathie said...

love it, very pretty.

LindaSue said...

Looking good gal.

Did you get any shaking from the 2.9? Daughter said it was only 4 miles from her house and the whole house shook. Freaky it was.