Saturday, January 16, 2010

Simple Scrappy Treasures

During 2008 I collected BOM from Claudia's Quilt Shoppe (it's now a complete pattern:

Looking back I realize that my OCD makes me a bit crazy.  I now see that I didn't have as many scraps as I thought.  I now save cut pieces in various sizes and just put them away and don't worry about them.  (Strips and odd pieces go into bins for strings or crumbs).  But I started this and thought as I looked at the pictures that I could use my WOW and various cream/tans together.  Still working on the BOM's, but I had enough done to do the first row (minus one block).  I'm not as precise as I thought I was and some are a bit off--as the square in the square blocks; but I think I'll continue and use them anyhow and just trust that when all complete and all quilted, it will just look old fashioned and charming.

I had to just see where I was with this as I got thinking about my UFO challenge for this year and realized if I was going to get this quilted (by a quilter) that I would need to get it pieced early on in the year...  If I were doing this again, there would be pieces I wouldn't use, but I suppose this is a "learning quilt" for me and it'll be one that I can use.  Finished size will be 88 X 104, and my OCD just won't be comfortable with so many unused or unplanned blocks just lying around--that just drives me crazy--this way I have it organized and stacked and working on a few more blocks and when I put it away, I'm okay with the unused blocks--but to put them into the drawer with my others, it would just be too many and I'd start obsessing again.  Dang--learning to live with a quirky brain!!!

Still working on the scarf--still need to get to the quilt store and buy some thread--my list is growing, so maybe next week--maybe even today if the weather isn't too bad.

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