Friday, January 15, 2010

UFO #8 Completed~~Happy Quilt #2

This is the second Happy Quilt that I've completed.  I have kits made for 2 more.  I just bought a yard I think of the squares and I've extended them into this quilt.  I love the quilt, but I'm not ready to finish those other two just yet.

Found some fun fabric for the back, it's some colorful cars in a black background, so this one will be suitable for a boy. 

I thought that by doing this quilt, my spirits would soar a bit more.  What I really need is some sunshine without a cloud of yucky air hanging over the valley.  It's inversion time and all of Northern Utah is hoping for a good storm next week to clean up our air!  We need it!  I'm feeling a bit tied down to the house as the air quality is so bad that leaving the house makes my breathing worse.  Oh well, I'm getting lots of quilts that I've started into the finished stack.  Soon, I'll have enough to take to Family Connections.

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Sheila said...

Adorable! Do you mind if I save a copy of this picture for inspiration?