Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on an UFO (unfinished object)

A few years back--don't even remember exactly, my son gave me a scarf that he'd purchased for me to try to quilt it so that he could use it as art.  I was a bit afraid to try it.  Last year, I decided that to stablize it, it would be best to iron on pellon on the back side of this rayon scarf.  That was quite a process in itself.  I gave it to my quilter. 

Her machine needed some work to do free motion quilting, and then her father passed away, so I asked to get it back, which I think she was very glad to do.

Enter 2010--a UFO list!   After completing UFO #6 which was free motion quilting I decided to try this.  It's taken a bit of adjusting on the tension and though I started using white thread on the bobbin, I decided to finish by using bobbin thread of the same color as sometimes the tension just doesn't work like I'd like it to especially when I move the needle around. 

More sewing.

Fuller view of the whole scarf.  It really is gorgeous.  It has a tag that says Lost River Clothing Company which is where my son purchased clothing and Tevas when he worked as a river guide in Moab, UT for about 6 summers.


Kathie said...

wow you were brave to attempt that. I bet he will be surprised when it is done.

kathie L.

Pat said...

yea, there's a fine line between insanity and courage!

I'm actually having fun with it, but now waiting to get to a quilt store and buy the right color of blue--didn't have it. Ugh! the inversion here is awful and I'm trying not to get out into it. Hoping for some snow today and if not then maybe next week--it's been 6 weeks!

Thanks for the visit,