Saturday, February 13, 2010

Country Patchwork from 2005 Finally Completed

Way back in 2005 I started a quilt when I saw a BH&G American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.  It had a 10 inch block I'd never tried before and I had some fabric left from another project.
The project didn't look too hard, but I ran out of useable scraps and put the remaining fabric and blocks away inside the magazine.
The quilt at the right is the first quilt I did using these fabrics.  I got very bored with it and hated the instructions and the BOM club fizzled out--long story short I had a smaller quilt and a lot of fabric in precut sizes.

I now have a new quilt--it fits nicely over the bed at night as an extra cover when it's cold.  I did add an extra border to the pattern in the magazine and I wanted to add more, but didn't have enough fabric and didn't want to buy more of those colors.  In the meantime, I had tried using up scraps and sent this quilt off to Mary to quilt.

I still have more strings to make into a quilt, and have one ready to put together.  Soon all the fabrics I purchased through the years in these colors will be used up and I can do something totally different!
These colors though, are some of my husband's favorites.  The quilt is complete and I'm taking care of DD who arrived with a bad cold and a terrible headache!


mkhquilts said...

Your finished quilt is very beautiful,,,you should be proud! That is a great pattern. I think I made a similar one for a wallhanging awhile ago. I enjoyed reading your profile.

Pat said...

Thanks for visiting and for even reading the profile. Yes, I'm glad to have that quilt finished and even though, I'd change a few things now that I've had more practice at quilting, it still has a welcoming feel to it. I love that pattern and may try it again--that's the fun of quilting~~you change the colorway and you have a whole new "feel". You know that would make a fun wall hanging!

QuiltSue said...

I love your new quilt. It looks really cosy and warm. Oh, and the heartstrings is beautiful too.

Mary said...

I loved how that string quilt turned out. It's going Alycia when I mail out the next batch to her but will probably go with me to show to a local guild in the beginning of May first. I love to show them different variations.