Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Did One Quarter of the Year Pass Already?

A stack of quilts taken to Family Connections Center.  I still have a few that I didn't take.  But, as the head of the center there was happy to take these, it lifted my spirits.  I seems a mom had gone in just that morning with the report that her heat at been turned off and she had five children that were in need of more warmth.  I cannot judge as to why these things happen--I just wish that they didn't.  So if the heat is turned off, isn't the way to get warm water turned off too?  Is that how we explain to minor children the harsh realities of life.  Too many questions and our politicians aren't coming up with any answers.

With the date of 3/31 now on the calendar, I've finished 25 of my UFO's.  I'm working now into some projects with more to finish and also some bigger ones, so my numbers won't be as large.  But I am now officially 2/3 the way through my UFO list!  I'm already thinking of some things to start on that aren't on that list!


Helen in the UK said...

It is frightening how fast this year is going by isn't it!! You've made BRILLIANT progress on your UFO list though. Good luck with the next quarter :)

Mary said...

I'm pretty impressed with the number of UFOs your getting through. I think i've finished 6 but that doesn't count al the donation quilts I've been finishing up.