Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waste Not Want Not Blocks

Hoping to answer some questions about this block.  I got a one page direction sheet from a site that is no longer online and I've even lost the sheet--so here goes with some sort of directions for those that have asked.
The Waste Not Want Not Block pictured here is a 8.5 unfinished block.  It uses 2.5 inch squares sewn into a four patch with the placement "flipped" as shown.  That makes a unit.  The next "unit" is a Half Square Triangle unit that measure 4.5 inches when trimmed.  I like to use 5 inch squares and then trim.  Notice the placement puts the dark at the left side.  (This can be flipped for placement into a quilt pattern.)  The Buckeye Beauty or Jacob's Ladder Block is very similar.  Most of those are made in a 12.5 inch size and I have made the Buckeye Beauty in many quilts,  as in this quilt but I like the smaller size of this 8.5 inch block.  If the dark 2.5 inch blocks are placed so that they string straight through the block, the result will be very different.  Also the placement of the HST so that the dark is at each corner makes a difference too.  This is a fun block to play with as there are endless possibilities.  Isn't that what makes quilting so much fun?


Helen in the UK said...

Brilliant - thanks for sharing :)

Kathie said...

Love the heinz 57 quilt.

kathie L.

Pat said...

One more comment is that if at all possible, use a different color in each piece of this block. You can see that I didn't. It turns out okay when mixing with the other blocks and when I first started making this block, I didn't have a lot of choices--but they got more varied as time went on!