Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finished another UFO

Sometimes the dyslexia is a pain!  I looked at this quilt and it's blocks many times before I quilted it.  Then when the quilting was almost done, I found the mistake.  Oh well!  When am I going to learn to take a picture before sewing the blocks together?  Oh well!  This is #27 completed on my UFO list!

With Pen in Hand!

Recently I purchased Signature's Spun Polyester size 30 in sandy hues for this particular quilt.  I had used that thread in another quilt and really liked it.  However that quilt was stitch in the ditch and in this one I tried some feathers.  The feathers seemed way too stark against the darker pink background here, and they also seemed too heavy as do the filler "circles" in the small square. So--I either needed to pick out what I'd done---live with it---or cover it.  I'll live with the circles as they are such a small part of the quilt.

I remembered a trick I learned at one of my quilt guild meetings.  So I tried masking the offending color with a permanent color pen.  It worked well enough that I wouldn't need to pick out the seams.  WaaaHOOOO!

This shows the contrast of the two.  I've not done feathers in a quilt before so I didn't need my imperfections to show as much as they were.

This picture shows one of the two lighter colored butterflies that I quilted in a light pink just Dual Duty regular thread that I had purchased for assembling blocks.  I like the way it looks much better.  The feathers don't look so bad and all in all for a first time, I'm okay with it.  It's for a DGD who might not see all the imperfections, just the cats in the center block.  These blocks were from a Sunshine Yahoo Lotto Win and the cat block I'll be showing when it's all complete came from another quilt group lotto and from a gal in England.    It is my belief that if we waited for perfections, there would be no songs sung, there'd be no babies born, and the world would be missing some of its varied uniqueness from the palats of not so perfect artists!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Back!

We've been in California and not a single picture to post.  It was absolutely gorgeous there!  With all the rains, everything was green and floral and just beautiful----but also very glad to be back into my old routine. 

This quilt, I took with me to finish the binding.  I'm saving it for the birthday of a 7 yr. old whose dad is in prison.  She likes pink, and horses.  I have some other fabric and if I don't get it made into a quilt, I'll send this one and make a flannel pillowcase out of some cute pink "horse" fabric. 

This quilt is made from a 6.5 x 9.5 block with the white strip in the middle.  I tried making a yellow 1 inch strip on either side of the white 2 inch strip and then using the scrappy pieces I've saved in a bag for "pink" quilts.  Most fabrics were from stash.  The pink border and the inside pieces are from a Moda fabric I purchased on Green Fairy Quilts.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd Sunday Sewing for Sunshine

More quilts from Diane in WA finished for Wrap a Smile through the Sunshine Yahoo Group Second Sunday efforts.  I finished the log cabin quilt and the Noah's Ark panel today(the back is the red/blue stripe) and completed the two country panels earlier this week.  I have two left and then they will be ready for shipment.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally, that wallhanging is finished!

This wallhanging has been on my UFO list for some time.  I found the fabric  at different times and when I finally started putting it together, I didn't like it.  I took out some seams and started again.  The giraffe applique I got from another quilter that used some of the same fabric and the giraffe applique.  I love that applique and now I may use it on other quilts for kids--it is really a fun one.   I wish I knew who it was, so that I could give credit, but I have long since lost that.  Often with African screen print fabric, it is a little uneven or printed on the fabric crooked, but I don't think when looking at the quilt "in person" it's noticable.  All in all, I'm really happy with the quilt.  I may still add some beads along the bottom, but for now I'm calling it complete!  This is UFO # 26--just 10 more to go.  Just a fun note--my hairdresser loved this quilt and I'm now "commissioned" to make one similar for her.  I'll never do two exactly alike, but I'll have fun with one for her too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fear, DSM quilting and Accomplishment!

I fell in love with this quilt as I worked on it.  It's a donation quilt sent to me from Diane in WA and when I first started quilting, I became frozen in fear as it was someone else's quilt for me to finish and then send on to Wrap a Smile.  I decided to tranfer the heart shape from a stencil, but as I did that, it looked like it needed more, so I thought I'd try doing a double line inside the heart.  Well, I'm not accomplished enough for that and I'm kind of a WONKY quilter anyhow, so after trying some posies in the center line, I went back to the hearts and started to just make them "primitive" hearts~~and that is when I started really having some fun with them.  I finished off by outlining each square and sashing with stitch in the ditch in an off white, while the hearts were done in purple.  I was able to use up some purple I had purchased and not used yet, and the end result after washing was a very cozy, comfy quilt.  Size 42 x 46 inches. 

DSM quilting is quilting on a domestic sewing machine--in my case, a Bernina.

I Knew it Would Happen!

It's April for goodness sake!  But, as always we get blasted with winter again.  I see a mound where my brave daffodils are being covered by the snow and there's a large covering of snow over the brilliant pansies I transplanted Sunday--we'll see how they survive this storm.  It's supposed to move out of here and warm weather should be here by Friday!  ...And I still have more pansies in the garage awaiting a new home!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

My mind wandered (as it typically does) on the meaning of the word 'easter' and pleasantly found that it derives from an old word meaning "to shine" (especially from the dawn) and from its root word east meaning "toward the sunrise, dawn, morning."

Like nature which springs forth to shine once again as winter recedes, one day all people will shine forth equally, happily, brightly.