Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fear, DSM quilting and Accomplishment!

I fell in love with this quilt as I worked on it.  It's a donation quilt sent to me from Diane in WA and when I first started quilting, I became frozen in fear as it was someone else's quilt for me to finish and then send on to Wrap a Smile.  I decided to tranfer the heart shape from a stencil, but as I did that, it looked like it needed more, so I thought I'd try doing a double line inside the heart.  Well, I'm not accomplished enough for that and I'm kind of a WONKY quilter anyhow, so after trying some posies in the center line, I went back to the hearts and started to just make them "primitive" hearts~~and that is when I started really having some fun with them.  I finished off by outlining each square and sashing with stitch in the ditch in an off white, while the hearts were done in purple.  I was able to use up some purple I had purchased and not used yet, and the end result after washing was a very cozy, comfy quilt.  Size 42 x 46 inches. 

DSM quilting is quilting on a domestic sewing machine--in my case, a Bernina.


QuiltSue said...

Your quilting really looks good there. It's a terrible responsibility when you're doing it for someone else isn't it?

Helen in the UK said...

Glad to see your enjoyed the quilting once you relaxed into it and started to 'play' :)

Nann said...

You're my kind of quilter, Pat -- nice job!