Thursday, April 29, 2010

With Pen in Hand!

Recently I purchased Signature's Spun Polyester size 30 in sandy hues for this particular quilt.  I had used that thread in another quilt and really liked it.  However that quilt was stitch in the ditch and in this one I tried some feathers.  The feathers seemed way too stark against the darker pink background here, and they also seemed too heavy as do the filler "circles" in the small square. So--I either needed to pick out what I'd done---live with it---or cover it.  I'll live with the circles as they are such a small part of the quilt.

I remembered a trick I learned at one of my quilt guild meetings.  So I tried masking the offending color with a permanent color pen.  It worked well enough that I wouldn't need to pick out the seams.  WaaaHOOOO!

This shows the contrast of the two.  I've not done feathers in a quilt before so I didn't need my imperfections to show as much as they were.

This picture shows one of the two lighter colored butterflies that I quilted in a light pink just Dual Duty regular thread that I had purchased for assembling blocks.  I like the way it looks much better.  The feathers don't look so bad and all in all for a first time, I'm okay with it.  It's for a DGD who might not see all the imperfections, just the cats in the center block.  These blocks were from a Sunshine Yahoo Lotto Win and the cat block I'll be showing when it's all complete came from another quilt group lotto and from a gal in England.    It is my belief that if we waited for perfections, there would be no songs sung, there'd be no babies born, and the world would be missing some of its varied uniqueness from the palats of not so perfect artists!

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